Episode 20: The Last Airbender


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Yeah. They took the characters' written names in English, then pronounced them according to generic Asian pronunciation. Nevermind, of course, that English text is never used in the Avatar universe, so there is literally no reason to do that. If they were that concerned about accuracy then they should have spelled the characters' names differently in the credits and promo material instead of changing how they sounded.

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Mike, are you a fan of the animated series I forget? The film is horrid regardless, but I think to film is much more offensive to fans of the original series. I'm so glad that the creators went on the make Korra because for a while I feared that this film would be the last thing that would ever come out of the franchise. Now that there is LOK the pain of this movie is a lot less severe.

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Yeah, I actually own a few of those. Graphic novels can help a little but the new show is really helping the bring the franchise up to its former glory in the public eye. Although, sadly, a great number of people only know the franchise by the M. Night movie.

Also, on a related note, I'd like to make an early request for another TT episode...


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