Episode 626


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That was really good. Davison is a great con guest, and the really sweaty awkward fanboy questions that make everyone uncomfortable seemed to be at a minimum. Those are the worst.

"I have a question. The question, which I will reveal in a moment, can be broken down into 34 parts. Then there will be a follow-up. Also, can I touch your hair?"

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When you listen, I'm the person who asks about Adric.

And here was me thinking it was your evil twin, Phil Packerman!

Fun panel. Of all the actors who've played the Doctor (who are still with us), Davison is probably your best bet for being interesting without mugging to the crowd too much.

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Well, I'm the evil twin so when he was at his most economically vulnerable, I threatened to sue him for slander if he didn't change it. Can't let my name be associated with helping children in need. Poor children work harder in the sweat shops.

How did he slander you?

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