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Since not everything needs a topic.

Funimation is releasing a boxed set of the Canadian Dub of Dragon Ball Z that includes the original 53 episodes, Tree of Might, Dead Zone, and The World's Strongest. It's mainly there for people who need nostalgia/because Funimation is running out of ways to rerelease Dragon Ball.

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Ghost Stories makes its glorious return to availablility tomorrow after a few years in licencing hell. For those who don't know the story behind it, years ago ADV picked up the rights to this otherwise underwhelming and unpopular show as part of a package deal with more importat titles. The Japanese creators gave the ADV staff nearly completely free reign with the adaptation and what we got was 20 episodes of pop culture references, fourth wall breaking lines and self written dialogue by the cast (which consists of Chris Patton, Greg Ayres, Monica Rial and Hilary Haag).

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