Over the Hill Game V2.0


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It's been a very long time since we last did this, so I feel it's ripe for a revival.

For those that need a refresher: the Over the Hill Game is something I invented a long time ago with a group of friends.

The rules are quite simple.

1) One person names a female celebrity in their mid-20s that they would have sex with purely for enjoyment. No money exchanging hands. No publicity. Not if you were the last two people on Earth. It's a pure physical thing and you would be doing it for pleasure. The term "celebrity" for the purposes of this game can mean model/actress/singer, whathaveyou.

2) The next person names someone 3-5 years older.

3) The round continues until no one can name someone older than the most recent post after 24 hours. Essentially, the sickest bastard wins.

4) Names have to be currently living and have to be female. Sorry, but dudes just age better and it would sort of break the game.

5) With each new round, none of the names used previously can be posted again.

6) If three or more people call bullshit on a post, the one that named her has to give some sort of explanation as to why they would do it.

7) No Betty White. I'm looking at you, Austen.

Just post their name, age, and a somewhat current picture so we know who you're talking about.

I'll start.

Susan Coffey, Age 23


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