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  1. Very select. Any episodes that don't have Joshua the dog man in.
  2. Guttenberg is a great call. That guy was the other Tom Hanks for 5 years.
  3. Lion is a good shout for modern Kidman. Best she's been in years, even just as a supporting role.
  4. I was so close when I guessed Katie Holmes month. Personally, it's To Die For as the breakout role, Moulin Rouge for the peak (and I think your best stuff springs from musicals) and the any one of The Hours, The Others, or Cold Mountain.
  5. Er. Yes. But there was an issue so the segment involving it had to excised. It will be read! Probably next episode. Certainly I have an audio file containing a botched half read I plan to use at some point.
  6. 90% of the through this (lifesaver to find this release just as I embarked upon a drive home from Edinburgh). Damn you Pandy! When will your accursed generation finally bow to the prevailing taste consensus?! Kidding, I've never seen deliverance and frankly don't feel an urgent need to rectify that situation. What I know about it I've no desire to see. Duelling Banjos is great though. So glad you both enjoyed SATB, just a classic old school comedy that still gets aped today, certainly a lot of people reference the mid credits gag reel as being popularised by the film. Its just so simple, so cartoonish in its central character dynamic of Smokey as Tom and the Bandit as Jerry. People just aren't allowed to be as cool as Burt Reynolds in this film anymore. Makes me want to watch it again. EASTBOUND AND DOWN!
  7. Trust me, the sarcasm was heavy when I referenced the upside of those angles. Some truly reprehensible stuff there.
  8. I dunno, I feel like between his neck and his situation with Vince that gets a few nods Henry has legitimate grievances. In his situation I think most wrestlers would take a mild heel turn. I mean, it's not like Hawk and Animal are especially apologetic about the whole situation. If someone told me "I didn't mean to break your neck but hey shit happens" I'd hit them with a bucket.
  9. It's a good point. I guess they're ugly, which equals heel? To be fair, I enjoy the Godwins significantly more as heels. And you've no need to turn LOD heel when you've got gold like LOD 2000 and Hawks addiction problems up your sleeve in 98.
  10. I've seen the whole thing, that's pretty much my conclusion. It's solid but rarely fireworks. Much more excited for Punisher.
  11. Olivia Colman was largely known as a comedic actress (including a lot of sketch work) in the UK for YEARS. She's done a ton of comedy-orientated radio series and has been working with Mitchell and Webb (That Mitchell & Webb Look, Peep Show) since they were all at university together. I mean, she's now known as a fantastic serious actress and has all the recognition of that status but comedy was her bread and butter for years.
  12. Haven't even listened yet, I'm sure you guys have ideas that will entertain. Looking forward to it.
  13. In that order Worf. I like the fact that he's a little uneasy because it's be rewarding when he got that glint in his eye that showed he was having fun. Plus he's open to non alcoholic options, even if they are prune juice. Risa. I mean, I hate resorts but it kinda seems like Fuck-planet down there. I feel like most other answers here are wrong? Packleds. Theyre pathetic, stupid and put everyone else at risk
  14. And old women who disapprove of certain matches.
  15. Unfortunately the FF are now so tarnished that signing them to Spider-man style co-productions is barely worth it.
  16. Didn't mind the Vietnam hangover feel of it but as far as this sort of thing goes I'm a much bigger fan of monster movies as disaster movies. And frankly, a monster movie that doesn't play into the stories and fears of the age is only half a movie. Not that I'm suggesting the giant monkey have a blonde combover and start grabbing women...wait...uncultured ape attempting to dominate the New York skyline, will only be seen with woman who are clearly at least a 9, unleashed by an unwitting gang of self centred profiteers and now beyond their control...
  17. Yay, I'm fully caught up! Also this episode caused me to watch Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and the Pride and Prejudice miniseries in the last couple of days. My conclusion? The greatest enemy of society in those days was rain, which almost kills the secondary female character in both tales.
  18. Yeah, looks tremendous. So many touches from the comics thrown in without overwhelming the look.
  19. Watch Adaptation. They're heavily interwoven, it's a fictionalized autobiography of the writer during the making of that film. I pushed it before during Nick Cage month. One of my favourites.
  20. Mad Max 2, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart.
  21. Thanks all, it's much appreciated. I hope you all had good days as well!
  22. I think it's two and a half doctor's considering Peter Capaldi's marvelous mane of hair.
  23. He was too beautiful for this world.