Does Gordon know who Batman is?


Does he know?  

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I'm going to agree with Hilary Goldstein of IGN and say that Gordon does know but offered Batman "plausible denial" at the end of Year One. And even if Jim doesn't know, his wife got a very clear look of Bruce's face... so she knows.

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This was covered during "No Man's Land" when, in a moment of trust, Batman took off his cowl to show Gordon his face. Gordon had his back turned to him, but would not turn around. Gordon said something like, "Maybe I've always known." And then made it clear that he did not want to see what Batman's face looked like because his actions were what mattered, or something like that. So, I say yes.

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Yeah, that was a truly great moment. And if I remember correctly, by the time Jim did turn back around, Batman had his mask back on and was brooding in the shadows.

That is correct.

I've got the entire saga from Contagion through NML. I still don't get why people hate it so much. I thought the whole thing was spectacular. At the very least, we got the new BADASS Batgirl out of it.

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