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Merry Christmas (and/or happy holiday season for anyone who doesn't celebrate), everyone. This has been a great season for me, and hopefully 2014 will kick all kinds of ass.

I made out like a bandit this year. I got a TARDIS hockey jersey, a Captain America sweatshirt complete with mask (which I strongly suspect Wendee will post to Facebook), a replacement for my maroon David Tennant Chucks, and a Twelve Doctors TeeFury shirt.

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Merry Christmas, all. We're still easing into the whole split Christmas with the parents thing (and things are still weird there, especially with familial weirdness, on several levels, but hopefully a finalized divorce come February will fix all that). I'm quite ready for 2014 to be a far superior year to 2013.

Christmas with mom's extended family was Saturday, and I got (through some trades) a new glass pan (with stuff to cart it around with) and some cheese and sausage. Christmas eve was with my mum, and she made us some adorable owl ornaments, a certificate to spend time with us later in the year, and some pjs and fuzzy socks, mugs and godiva hot chocolate, and a book we read together when we were kids. Today was with my dad, and he got me a lot of stuff from Williams-Sonoma: bakeware, hot pad, spatula, and cupcake liners, along with a $25 gift card. His new girlfriend got me antique tea cups and a labradorite pendant, which, to say the least, feels a bit weird.

Christmas with dad's extended family is this Saturday, and I go back to work between then, so my Christmas is a bit extended this year.

However, I made Christmas dinner over at my dad's and other than my sister's insistence that the beef be done all the way through (HEATHENS), everything turned out great, everyone liked everything, and I got everyone except the autistic sister to try something they wouldn't normally have and enjoy it (for the win).

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His new girlfriend got me antique tea cups and a labradorite pendant, which, to say the least, feels a bit weird.

The one time I met the chick my dad briefly dated before getting back together with my mom, she kept on mentioning wanting to steal stuff from Olive Garden and then I'm pretty positive that the book she gave me from Barnes and Noble, she stole. So, hey, she gave you something awesome that probably wasn't terrible and she's trying to make a good impression on you so there's that.

Did my day of Christmas Specials yesterday (and had a couple of friends come by to hang out with me in the evening to help fight off the loneliness) and had a very good day at the movies today, having Egg Drop Soup and Chicken with Broccoli for dinner. I also found a very nice folding table by the dumpster that, upon a long inspection, had no problems so woo there!

I got money from my dad, a night at the movies from Roomie Dan, My Little Pony t-shirt from Roomie Yogi, The Disaster Artist(a book about the making of The Room that's written by the guy who played Mark) from my friend Stan along with half a BDubs girft card, and a box of cookies and sweets from my mom. All in all, I'm happy with it all.

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Further context for it being weird: knowing that my dad has at least one girlfriend other than her on the side, and mom getting contacted by yet another one of his flings (who was more than a bit crazy) the day before. I like that she's trying, but it's kind of hard to determine whether or not she's actually going to be sticking around (the last one he introduced to us he broke up with a week later).

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My haul:

Skyfall on DVD

Avengers Assemble on DVD

A t-shirt (in the post, according to Pandy)


A year's subscription to Private Eye

A Private Eye compilation book


A mini Bat Signal

Oh, and the gift of family! .....he says now that Pandy's on the forums....

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Dan got me the August 1931 edition of Weird Tales, a Sunnydale High Tee shirt, a throw pillow with the House Stark sigil, some fancy make up I asked for, An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on vinyl, and a Tentacled Heart pendant.

From the family, I got overly girly jewelry, fancy cocoa, and enough money to buy me one good splurge item and cover con expenses month.

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Christmas was really really quiet, but I did pretty well, presents-wise:



-More cash

-A $50 gift card to Cinemark theaters (which is really cool, though it won't be used for another several months...)

With the cash, some crafty usage of old gift cards, and a Wal-Mart sale, I got myself a 3DS XL and Pokémon X. I am most pleased.

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