Episode 45: Double Team


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Van Damme does it feel like a long time since your hosts have been able to kick back with a fun action movie. Well, okay, Double Team is a mostly nonsensical, often baffling collection of loosely related scenes, but the ending is cool! Look, we'll take what we can get at this point. [ 2:24:38 || 73.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/tranquiltirades/episodes/tranquiltirades_045.mp3

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Masterful job with the editing, Damien.

The audio quality is noticable, especially at first, but I was into the episode and would forget that there was an audio problem. I would only re-notice it when i remembered something had been fixed. It doesn't diminish the enjoyment of the episode at all though.

I found the scene with the bathtub. Very disturbing.

JCVD always has to show how flexible he is.

The basketball references are stupid, but I take them as a "fourth wall" kind of joke.

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Bo becomes a beat cop: Bo Po-Poes

Bo becomes a traffic cop: Bo Slows

Bo courts Brittany Snow: Bo Snows

Bo visits glory holes around the nation: Bo Blows

Bo sells insurance: Bo HMOs

Bo trains as a sommelier: Bo Merlots

Bo finally gets old jokes: Bo Ooooohs

Bo tries out for a Beckett play: Bo Godots

Bo compares and contrasts two things: Bo Juxtapose

Bo honors Lent: Bo Forgoes

Bo remakes The Matrix: Bo Whoas

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