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While every character has a signature look, some of their alternate costumes resonate more so than other. That said, what alternate costumes do you prefer?

Me, I adore Silver Centurion Iron Man, brown-and-tan Wolverine, and black-suit Spider-Man. But I also like white-business suit Moon Knight, Wolverine's X-Force uniform, Daredevil's armored look from the 90s, the Brett Booth Spider-Man costume from the Backlash / Spider-Man crossover, and Flash Thompson's military Venom.

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I'm with you on Silver Iron Man, Brown Wolvie, BMXDD and Black Spider-Man.

Magneto's headmaster costume was always fun for me.

Black Superman costume is badass.

Namor's scaled black costume is cooler than his speedo look (put some clothes on!!!)

The USAgent costume is great.

Joe Fixit.

I'd add the slick new red business suit DD from the Waid/Samnee run.

I like the look of unworthy Thor too.

I've always been partial to brown jacket Avengers and early 90s X-Factor (red and yellow Marvel Girl, white and blue Cyclops, but also white and red Angel). Good shit.

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Two of the highest profile redesigns lately have been Batgirl and Spider-Woman, and I really like those. Stephanie Brown has a nice Batgirl suit too.

I dig the Red Robin costume, and the Undernet variant is cool too. 

Most of the Spidey redesigns in Dan Slott's ASM have been nice. Not a fan of the black and yellow bulletproof suit though. And Superior Spidey's second costume is excellent. One of two alternate costumes I bought on Marvel Future Fight, the other being Sam Wilson's Cap suit.

I love Catwoman's purple and green outfit, specifically the short-lived version with pants.


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I love the Miles Morales costume.

The "electric blue" Superman costume is pretty cool. It was a radical change but I understand what they were doing in trying to update the costume for the modern era.

I didn't become serious about collecting specific books until the late 80's and I gravitated to Iron Man. The Silver Centurion was the armor when I was collecting Iron Man every month, so that one holds a nostalgic feeling for me.

I don't like Harley Quinn's New 52 costume at all. The full body suit was perfect. The New 52 version with the ridiculous proportions and her falling out of it is a throwback to the worst stereotypes of comic readers as lonely nerds either living in their parents basement or in a one bedroom apartment alone.

13 hours ago, Rjoyadet said:

 It wouldn't surprise me if that kid becomes a full fledged hipster in a couple of years.

You were probably the only person who recognized the costume. 2099 is pretty obscure outside of comic book fandom.

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