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In an interview with Jon Favreau, he revealed a few things about the movie. There will be 3 versions of the armor. The first will be based on the old grey armor from the 60s, then the gold and red one we all know, then an upgraded one. They are trying to update Mandarin for the movie, but haven't finalized the villains. Iron Man will mostly be CGI. Read the whole interview here.

By the way, here is the first teaser poster.

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Storyboarding has already commenced. Favreau had stated that he intended to cast an unknown in the role of Anthony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, though rumors are gaining momentum. Favreau has also said that the plot itself will not so much deal with his personal problems (alcoholism) as much as the creation of his suit and the birth of Iron Man. However, he did say if there would be a sequel, the story could easily head in some of those directions.

I think this is the best way to do it. I don't want Tony to be an alchoholic in the first movie. I want to see him make the suit and fight. Maybe show him drinking, but not as a full blown alchoholic until the second movie.

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The Continuum: How hard is it to bring The Mandarin to the screen as the villain, avoiding stereotype aspects of the original character?

Favreau: Well, that's the trick. You want to pay homage to the comics, but you want to say what The Mandarin is today. Back then, we were very paranoid about Asia, we were very paranoid about Communism. We live in a very more culturally enlightened time, now. Things that you sort of got away with then, you don't now. But there are aspects to the character that you can maintain and make him a formidable enemy.

Part of it is that this is what the fans want to see. Everybody has written in, they all gravitate towards this guy, because he was always one step ahead. Well, we're going to keep it all tech-based. I don't want to have a magical character.

But I am definitely paying attention to what was written. And how do you transpose that in a way were you're showing the fans you're paying attention, but you don't sell the reality of the movie out by having this magical Fu Manchu type character. What's the modern version of him? Who's that going to be and what's it going to mean?

Read the rest here.

Thank God. I don't like magical characters, and I was afraid they would go with the "magical Fu-Manchu". I know his rings were originally technological in nature(although alien), but he tried to use magic to make them stronger.

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It's the same reason they wanted nobodies for Wolverine and Superman: no baggage. I like that mentality. This way we're watching Tony Stark, not Brad Pitt (who brings Detective Mills, Tyler Durden and a slew of other characters with him) playing Tony Stark.

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I know what you are saying about the no baggage, but sooner or later they are going to get it wrong. What they are trying to do is pick the next big thing, everytime they do this.

Besides, they just need to get a great character actor (Sir Ian McKellan, Vincent D'Orfonio, Gary Oldman) are such type actors that can move between many roles and movies without giving themselves away. Granted Pitt isn't in that league (yet) but I thought he would do the part justice.

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These are supposedly some armor concepts that were rejected.

These were designed/rendered by Brandon Perlow who has done TV and movie computer effects work. Brandon met with visual effects supervisor John Nelson who said that although he liked the design and that in some cases it paralleled what they were doing, it did not fit in with their overall direction. They're wanting to go in more of an Adi Granov design direction.

Either way, the bigger ones will make good wallpapers.

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On the Iron Man suit Favreau said "if you have too clunky of a figure it takes you out of the movie. You can't do with a Robocop suit, what Iron Man has to do. He flies, he's athletic, he's acrobatic, he fights, [and] he shoots. He has to do a lot of things for you to justify making a movie about him." Favreau will most likely use Motion Capture effects to create more realistic movements of the Iron Man character.

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