YOUR Top 10 Favorite Anime Series/Movies Ever

James D.

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OK off the top of my head, bias for certain newer series

1. (tie) Gundam SEED

1. (tie) Kimi ga Nozomo Eien aka Rumbling Hearts

3. Ouran High School Host Cub

4. Kaleido Star

5. Desert Punk

6. DBZ

7. Sailor Moon

8. Jigoku Shoujo

9. InuYasha

10. Pokemon

I know I screwed that list up

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Tough, and it will probably be different tomorrow:

1) Trigun (well, this won't be different)

2) Macross Plus

3) Cowboy Bebop

4) NGE

5) Samurai Champloo

6) Akira

7) Initial D

8) Gungrave

9) Macross

10) Dragonball Z

2 back pretty much varies from day to day., I just realized I have 3 Watanabe Anime in my Top 5.

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