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I bought season I think almost 2 years ago, would that be right, has it been out that long? Or was it just last xmas I bought it?

At any rate, freakin awesome show, almost all of the actors are amazing at telling the story with just their facial expressions alone, which is really uncommon in this day and age.

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Arrested Development Returning To TV For Another Season?

Author: Kelly West

published: 2011-10-02 15:49:30

Could Arrested Development be making a small-screen comeback? From the tweets coming out of the Arrested Development reunion in New York today, it sounds like there’s a possibility of that. Or at the very least, series creator Mitchell Hurwitz might be trying to make it happen.

There’s been talk of an Arrested Development movie for years. A lot of the fans want it, and from what’s been said by those involved with the show, the cast is on board to do it. While nothing’s been confirmed yet, now it seems there are plans to bring the series back to TV before the movie.’s Jordan Raup tweeted the following from “The Bluth Family Reunion” Panel at The New Yorker Festival:

Arrested Development is coming back for one more season before the movie! [source]

After which he tweeted:

Hurwitz plans 9-10 new #ArrestedDevelopment eps to catch up on the last 5 years of each character before the film.

Could it be true? Considering it’s coming from AD creator Mitchell Hurwitz, it’s probably fair to say that at the very least, this is the idea he has in mind for the show’s return. Putting the series back on the air for a mini-season would certainly be a great way to rejuvenate interest before the film, and it would also serve to give the writers the opportunity to build up the story to set up the movie.

The comedy series aired on Fox for three seasons and went off the air in 2006. Five years later, fans are still hoping to see the story revisit and the Bluth family reunited for more of their ridiculous shenanigans. Hopefully we’ll hear more details on this plan/idea and find out whether something is actually in the works, and if Fox or some other network (or pay-cable channel?) is on board to host the series’ return.

Update: Will Arnett just Tweeted the following:

I'm peeing with @batemanjason at the moment..and we can confirm that we are going to make new AD eps and a movie


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