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The forum has been upgraded from v 2.1.4 to v2.2.2. Subsequently new skins need to be added. This will be done over the never few days. Until then we simply have to live with the default skin. If there are any skins you'd like to see added, link to them in here.

With the upgrade comes new features, such as blacked-out spoilers, an acronym maker and the option to toggle the side panel (when posting).

Spoiler ---->

testing this feature


Acronym --> ttf (hover)

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Why is this showing time an hour back? I checked my time zone setting and it's correct. I even switched Auto-Correct for DST off and changed it myself and all the times on the board are still an hour early. In fact, if I check DST off, it goes back another hour and becomes two hours early.

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Yes. If the topic title clearly indicates spoilers are contained within, spoiler tags need not be used. However, if other issues / movies / TV shows / whatever are mentioned in the thread, spoiler tags should then be used.

For example, if the title says Captain America #25 SPOILERS, talk of the issue is fair game. However, if you'd like to bring up something from another book which relates to the topic but might be considered a spoiler, the tags should be used for that.

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Yoda, did you do this all yourself?

Nope. These new features were included in the upgrade from v2.1.4 to v2.2.2.

Speaking of new features, we can now note reasons for editing posts. Here, watch...

Edited by Yoda
Wanted to test this feature.
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It says "group icon" because the icon is missing at the moment. New ones will be uploaded soon enough.

And I cannot give each user a specific icon. There might be a modification which allows this, and I'll look for one, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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The only time I had to log back in was after the forum upgrade. If you have your computer set to delete your cookies and temporary internet files each time you log off, that might explain it.

I was just going to say that. You need to enable cookies for this site.

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