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Will you buy Amazing Spider-Man once it goes thrice-monthly?  

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As the poll asks, will you buy Amazing Spider-Man once it goes thrice-monthly?

As of this moment, I'm voting no. Until I see how Marvel plans to weave the three books, I can't drop $9.00 / month on ASM. Plus, I'm waiting to see how "One More Day" ends. Though I hate to say it, I'm not sure the outcome is going to be to my liking.

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No, and I fucking hate it. I always read Amazing Spider-Man because it was the only Spider-Man book that really mattered. Now you are telling me I HAVE to read three Spider-Man books a month? Fuck off with that shit.

Yep. I said before, I give it 8 months before it crashes and burns.

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Regardless of whether or not you like SM, the real problem with this is that they are essentially forcing people to buy the whole SM line to understand what's going on. When you buy 52 or Countdown, you know what you're in for. Now, people who have only been following Amazing because the others suck now have to buy what amounts to all three books to continue with the run.

I sincerely hope that people drop this book in droves.

Or at the very least, buy all of them except Dan Slott's :laugh:

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I'm collecting One More Day, but will probably quit after that. I don't think Spider-Man will be any more exposed going to 3x a month, since he is already in three solo books a month. But I do think that comics publishers do fans a disservice to put characters in so many titles.

Back in the day, only the really big franchises had more than one book dedicated to them: Batman, Superman and Spider-Man each had 2 books. When the X-Men caught fire in the 80's, Marvel went overboard and DC followed. Right now, there are four X-Men titles in the "main" universe, not counting spinoffs like X-Factor, Excalibur and Exiles.: Astonishing X-Men, New X-Men, Uncannt X-Men and X-Men. In the early 1990's there were four Superman titles and four Batman titles. I'm honestly not sure how many there are now. Spider-Man has gone haywire too.

I think it serves the fans better to have hot franchises limited to one title. What that does is allows Marvel to push other characters into the spotlight instead of milking the ones already there, and provides more diversity for fans. Unless there's a specific storyline I want to follow, I don't read X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman or Batman. I will pick up different books for specific storylines and then drop them, but other than that the monthly series I am currently collecting are Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, and Thunderbolts.

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Er...Yes. :laugh:

Spider-Man's my favorite character and the creative teams look top quality. However, I believed that Friendly and Sensational were perfectly fine books. Friendly was the fun Spider-Man, Sensational was for the more off beat Spidey stories, and Amazing was the book to tie into the universe. It was great reading such a variety of different facets to the Spidey universe, but I guess in the end, it all comes down to sales.

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