Deadpool's fate?


Where will Deadpool go after Cable & Deadpool is canceled with issue #50?  

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As you may or may not know, Cable & Deadpool is coming to an end with issue #50, leaving many of Deadpool's fans wondering what his fate will be in the very near future. To calm these fears, Marvel has stated that Deadpool will be active after Messiah Complex. But that begs the question: what book will Deadpool join?

My top pick is X-Force. He's perfect for the kill first, ask questions never type of book it will be, but he might be too lighthearted for the darker tone of the book. After that I'd choose Avengers: The Initiative. Imagine having Deadpool and (the irredeemable) Ant-Man as team leaders? :laugh:

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He's too happy to be in the Bolts

Not sure if they want him and Wolverine together for too long but I would like Deadpool following them around for awhile for some reason.

Has anything been released about whats going to happen at the end of #50 yet? Maybe,depending on the ending, they could have him want to join the Initiative for the health plan like his mate from Hydra, not sure of the names as havent read too much of the C + D series

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Who's Ares?


This guy. Mighty Avengers resident Thor/Wolverine replacment. He's brings the axe that cuts off the head that rocks the body that rocks the party. He's awesome.

And yes, Deadpool joining Mighty Avengers, even if it were just for a short run, would be the most perfectly incredibly awesome thing ever. Inappropriate comments about Ms Marvel? Buddy-buddy wall to wall slaughtering with Ares? I can't imagine anything more fun.

In fact I'd really like to see Deadpool hopping from team book to team book trying to find a real home leading up to the launch of his own new series. He could start with Mighty Avnegers, get sent down to Avengers: Inititive, they approve him for the T-bolts (one shot), then he could move over to trying join the New Warriors, the New Avengers and then finally his own book. Keep him out of the X-books I think, he's better off mixing it up in the worlds of crazy superheroics and sneaky ninjas than the mutant stuff.

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