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If they were doing this with a new anime, it would fail but they're doing it with one tbat has never had a legal US release in it's original form, let alone a dub of it. I can see why they would go with Kickstarter since it might be harder to get funding for an older product, especially one requiring a remaster.

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Yuri on Ice: Went into this show thinking, "there's no way this is what I think it is". It proceeded to smash past all my expectations. Good ice skating, adorable mains, and even has actual ice skaters (Johnny Weir most notably) tuning in. 

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I was lucky, I never got spoiled on anything. That was the best written show I've seen since EVA. It never let up after episode 3, and the character writing was so fucking good. The show is a clinic on how you do dramatic storytelling and swelling major events from moment to moment. Excellent stuff.

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I've been watching my way through Ranma 1/2. It's problematic so far to say the least but mostly still funny with some good fight scenes. It's interesting that this aired concurrently with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z because both are comedy (at least to begin with) fantasy martial arts animes but with different approaches.

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