Episode 20


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Before beginning their coverage of Superman: The Animated Series, James and Mike take one last look at Batman: The Animated Series. Along the way they answer a host of e-mails, play a very special recording, talk about their favorite moments and, finally, reevaluate some of their scores. [ 1:58:49 || 54.3 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_020.mp3

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Hey guys, sorry to hear about your troubles. The whole thing with the plumber sounds to me like he was very unprofessional and should have had the necessary equipment to clean up any mess. I live in an apartment building where they had to redo the bathroom and kitchen and I had to clean for a week because they didn't cover anything, very unprofessional.

The whole Heath Ledger thing is definately a shocker. In terms of his family and everything I feel sympathy and mourn for him and his family, but as a fan of Batman and the upcoming The Dark Knight its also very heartbreaking. I know his character was supposed to continue through to the next installment and I now can guarentee that Heath Ledger will be the best Joker to ever portray him and he can't continue the part. Bruce Lee(Enter the Dragon) and Brandon Lee(The Crow) died performing their career defining role, now Heath Ledger. He was great in Brokeback Mountain(which I finally saw a week ago), where he met the mother of his daughter Michelle Williams(who was in Dawson's Creek and Halloween H20).

Another great episode, once again as you know I have been having personal troubles and I am so glad I was able to hear this episode. I am doing alot better and will be front and center for the next episode.

Enjoyed listening to so many great moments from previous episodes, especially the impressions, lol.

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Sorry I didn't get a post in on the last podcast; really busy with school to listen through it all. I'll try to get one in by this weekend and if I have the time come back to episode 19.

Looking forward to the grades you chose to revise and what you believe to be the best moments of the series and the podcast up to this point.

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Mxy's post has yet to praise me - I'm on strike until I am shown due love by EVERYONE, DAMN IT!! ;)

Nah, it was a pleasure. Because my media player likes playing my downloaded WFP episodes on a nightly basis, I have a fair recollection of what got said and when, so picking out the audio clips wasn't nearly as hard as first thought. I think the package recognises the excellent rapport Mike and James have with each other - my actual favourite clip isn't in the package, in fact, because I couldn't fit it in:

(after talking about how Dr Nemo could only cure the Timberwolf Estrogen nonsense when "full-blown")

Mike: What the hell?! That would be like a doctor saying to a patient that they can't help them whilst they have HIV, but once they have AIDS, they can be cured!

James: Oh, you're in good shape when you have AIDS!

I was more surprised Mike didn't bump up Heart of Ice to a 10, given that his original justification was "it's hard to a give a ten". Well, a Bullet for Bullock got one so I was half-expecting that to get a mention. Otherwise, nothing else to report - nice way to close the book on B:TAS. Looking forward to S:TAS, as I barely got to watch any of that.

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My favorites were the "guest star" episodes. The two parter with Lobo was quite good. So was the GL episode. Now that I'm thinking about it, I saw quite a few. The episode with Steel, the episode with the volcano and Metallo, and I think there was one where Toyman made a duplicate of Lois. I guess I watched it more than I thought, but I always prefered BTAS.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Darkseid(Michael Ironside), Lex Luthor(Clancy Brown), Brainiac(Corey Burton) and Metallo(Malcolm McDowell) were the best thing about the Superman: TAS. Some great voice actors made those roles theirs.

Ok I am now even more suped up for Superman: TAS bring it on!!

I did forget Mr Mxlikptlyk(Gilbert Gottfried) and Bizzaro(Tim Daly), but they were more comical characters. Livewire(Lori Petty)was cool too.

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Superman: The Animated Series is a criminally underrated / overlooked show in my estimation.

Damn right.

Pre-Episode Banter

Strangely enough, my Batman-obsessed friend was actually happy when he heard of Heat Ledger's death. 'Dying right after playing the Joker! That has to be the perfect way to die, ending on a high note like that!' I don't share his sentiment at all though.

I'm definitely going to download your video, James.


Even though I agree a bit with her about y'all being a bit nitpicky, I do appreciate that you go through everything (animation, voice-acting, story, music), instead of a lot of commentaries and reviews that only centralize on a few things.

I definitely think and I'd even be willing to state it as fact that there is no way 'Teen Titans' can exist in canon, because it's full of anachronisms. If B:TAS existed before the big technological advances that were to take place in 'JL' and 'JLU', then there's no way that all the stuff that's possible in 'Teen Titans' can possibly take place before B:TAS, and the fact that it's so illogical (and intentionally so) means that there's just no way it can exist in the same reality as the more realistic and serious Timm shows.

I still hope y'all don't cover 'Static' and 'Zeta', because I'd have to take a long hiatus from the show. I don't like either of them and there's no way I'd be willing to buy them just for the sake of the podcast.

Har har. 'Return of the Joker'.

Agreed about 'His Silicon Soul', which is still an awesome episode.

What I think about Burton vs West, I'd say that even though Burton's was closer to the darker Batman we all know and love, it still did a disservice to what it was trying to do. With the West series, you have to recognize the state of Batman in the comics at the time and the target audience.

The Actual Show

This episode is sort of playing out like a clip show.

Yeah, definitely. That reel of clips from previous episodes. Great stuff.


Hooray for 'Harley's Holiday'!!!

Hooray for 'Harlequinade'!!!

Well, I don't think 'Almost Got 'Im' is perfect, but oh well. Good for it.

NOOOO!!!!! 'Fire From Olympus' is awesome.

NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! 'Perchance to Dream' is one of the best episodes ever.

YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! 'The Laughing Fish' is awesome. Hooray!

Hooray for 'The Man Who Killed Batman'!!!

I still don't think 'Baby Doll' is incredible, but good for it.

YEeEeEeEeEsSsSsSsS!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Trial' is bad bad stuff.

People only like 'Christmas With the Joker' because they try to pretend it's sort of deep or because they don't take it seriously or because of nostalgia factor. It is a bad episode.

Only a 6.1? Actually I think that's a good grade given you're going by averages. Thinking about it as a whole I'd probably give it higher, but given that B:TAS was easily the most inconsistent DCAU series, 6.1 really is a good score.

Really? There are a lot of 'Justice League' episodes I'd give really low.

Mike, that's the last thing I'd expect for you to give it a 7.

Wasn't expecting that to be the last quote, but I love it.

This episode really got me back into the WFP, I just haven't had the time to listen lately. I'll probably return to the Sub-Zero episode at some point, but for now I'm heading over to the first episode for 'SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES'!!!!! So happy.

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I definitely think and I'd even be willing to state it as fact that there is no way 'Teen Titans' can exist in canon

We'll see about that.

Mike, that's the last thing I'd expect for you to give it a 7.

Why's that? Because I'm perceived as being the more negative one?

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I'd argue that I've been harsher on episodes (in general) than Mike has. I mean, the ONLY two episodes that I think I overrated were "Mad as a Hatter" and "Christmas with the Joker". The former because I'm a Hatter fanboy, and the latter because it should be even lower than the 2.5 I gave it.

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I've always perceived Mike as the harsher critic. I know for the first few episodes he would always give harsher grades, I know for a fact that there have been quite a few recent episodes of the show that Mike has given lower grades to. I don't know; even if we're not talking harshness, it's seems more Mike's than James' style to be more technical anyway, and so for him to give the series a boost, I don't know, it just sort of took me by surprise.

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