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In "Never Fear" Batman nearly murders the newly redesigned Scarecrow, and Superman has the chance to wed a queen in "Warrior Queen" -- but neither man pulls the trigger, so to speak. The Joker is duped in "Joker's Millions," leading to his attempted suicide. "Apokolips... Now!" sees the shocking death of a major character. And Robin comes to realize that the good guys can't always win in "Growing Pains." [ 2:16:10 || 62.3 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_030.mp3

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I have to disagree with you guys on Jokers millions as when i bought the set a couple of months ago, it was the first episode on the set that i really enjoyed, to be honest the episodes before that bored the shit out of me. you didn't mention my favourite moments (Or if you did delete this post) Mr Jo. Ker and when he reads the letter "King Barlow has died...oh good i always hated him" i mean that was my favourite moment.

you also mention how everything is a joke to the Joker, well when he says "i don't want to save it, i want to go with it!" his crying is almost like he is looking for a laugh from batman, as if to say come on this is funny i want to risk my life and die with this money.

Just a thought.

so it was my personal favourite episode of the fourth set of BTAS even though you do mention it has a lot, and i mean a lot of flaws, i find it fun. And i never noticed the money flaw before you guys mentioned it, it's one of those things i guess you have to be told to see, it's that obvious.

Anyway great show, I'll give my view of the other episodes later just wanted to mention what i thought of that episode right now.(It's funny how you said ages ago, their is always someone to defend the jokers appearances on the forums no matter how shitty the episode. Never thought I'd do that as before i always found except for Mark Hamill's always fantastic performances the joker episodes have been nothing special)

P.S Sorry for the bad grammar!

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One thing I forgot to mention about Joker's Millions: I love the moment when Joker shoots the TV, and coldly stalks off. That is how the Joker should be portrayed!

YES! I can't believe I forgot to say something about that. Such an awesome visual.

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Guys, I've been waiting a long time for this pod cast, even more so than others, because this episode has one of the best batches of episodes yet. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

Pre-Episode Banter

I see even you guys are excited about this one. I'm so very happy.


Never Fear- Excellent episode. The new Scarecrow design, the TMS animation, and a very interesting story. Interesting approach tying fear to morality and especially as it pertains to Batman. I love the spotlight Robin gets and how absolutely brutal Batman gets. Such great stuff.

I still can't believe they got away with the alligator blood.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Combs. I always love of how the DCAU brings back voice actors for surprising roles. Who would have thought that the same guy who plays the Scarecrow could voice Question? But each works perfectly.

No, there is no more Crane.

Yeah, I never had an issue with Guru; I thought he made for a good plot device. And I sort of liked the fat guy on the one rope. But now that you mention Bruce's disguise, I'll have to agree.

I don't know, I thought the episode did a good job of showing that Bruce's morals are determined by his fear of the consequences. I think that the plane-flying is both recklessness and fearlessness. A result of not being fearful is that you will do more reckless things, because you don't do things like that out of fear.

James, that's actually a pretty neat suggestion about Batman defying a portrait of his parents.

I forgot about him taking the bullet right in the chest; I really don't have a way to defend it. But I did think the alligator murder was nice and brutal. I thought it built nicely into his killing humans.

Yeah, the animation in this episode is incredible. This is one of TNBA's top five animated episodes ever as far as I'm concerned.

Well, wasn't the antidote the ransom for the money? Even though he knows that he wouldn't be afraid of Batman, he does know that it's dangerous and can cause him to be reckless. That, combined with the fact that he or one of his goons are very exposed to the gas, I find the antidote pretty reasonable.

Warrior Queen- Such a boring episode. I only recall a small handful of good moments, but they definitely include Lobo at the end. I always hate episodes like this where there's always some monarchy/diplomatic nonsense going on on an alien world. Why does this get used all the time? I have no idea, but it definitely comes up again in 'Absolute Power', 'War World', and 'Hearts and Minds' and it's never very fun at all.

Wow, I'm surprised you guys are disagreeing about this one. I have to agree with James, but I really see where Mike is coming from. I'm actually kind of surprised that there's an episode you love that I'm not crazy about for once.

Mike, you're love of sexual innuendo never fails to result in comedic moments.

That's got to be a tough predicament: no sex until you find someone who can beat you down brutally.

Electrical discharge as sexual frustration, you never fail to please Mike.

I never noticed the biker guy. Great find. Stuff like this is the reason I watch the show.

Joker's Millions- Hilarious. I know it may not fit in with the Joker's characterization throughout the show, but it works very nicely as an adaptation of an original comic. Still, it's hard to deny that a whole lot of the jokes are funny in their own right. It's not perfect by any means, it's just a nice enjoyable Joker episode.

I'm sad that y'all disagree, but I understand it.

As for the Penguin, I love his new designs and I LOVE the Iceberg Lounge. I love it so much. It just looks like such an awesome place.

At least you guys did enjoy a lot of the jokes.

I never knew who that guy was supposed to be based on and had no idea it was such a contemporary reference at the time. It definitely doesn't detract for me, but I can understand if it may detract for you or for other people.

That's a great point about Batgirl and Nightwing. The costumes really don't do much at all to conceal their identities.

Apokalips...Now!- Part two of this episode is without a doubt my favorite episode of S:TAS, and the whole episode for me is definitely a 10/10, no question. Can't wait for this review.

That ending always gets me teary-eyed at the end. So well-done.

But it was definitely not the best animation the series had ever seen, no doubt. There's a huge difference between animation and the actual drawings that the episode consists of. 'The Late Mr. Kent' is far better animated in my opinion.

Arrgh, gripes! I suppose with such a huge episode you were bound to have some issues with it. Oh well, I'm still hoping for a high score.

No, the Furies first appear in 'Little Girl Lost'.

I really don't like that complaint about other heroes. You have to assume that the invasion is taking place all over the world and all over Metropolis, so it's easy to assume that they're being taken down elsewhere, and there's so much work that the story-boarders have to put into adding so many characters to the mix, not to mention re-hiring voice actors. Who's to say they weren't fighting elsewhere?

Growing Pains- Two 10s in a row. Such an unbelievably good episode. The animation, maturity level, everything is top-notch.

I'm really surprised that you take issue with the beginning. It was wrong, but it does a great job showing how horrible her situation is and it does make you feel sympathy for her.

Maybe the people figured Tim was just some kid in a costume. I wouldn't be surprised if the new Robin hasn't been seen much, given how early this is in his time as the Boy Wonder.

Well, the first part of 'Feat of Clay' looked horrible, but Clay-Face never really appeared.

No, he doesn't come back for 'Beyond'; only Ras Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, and Bane make appearances in 'Beyond'.


Never Fear- You: 6 and 7: 9

Warrior Queen- You: 5 and 7 / Me: 5

Joker's Millions- You: 3 and 5 / Me: 7

Apokalips...Now!- You: 10 / Me: 10

Growing Pains- You: 9 / Me: 10

Thank you so so much for that final sound clip. That music really makes me want to start tearing up.

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I really don't like that complaint about other heroes. You have to assume that the invasion is taking place all over the world and all over Metropolis, so it's easy to assume that they're being taken down elsewhere, and there's so much work that the story-boarders have to put into adding so many characters to the mix, not to mention re-hiring voice actors. Who's to say they weren't fighting elsewhere?

That's a really good point. Although I would think that at some point, shouldn't they try and go to the source, i.e. Metropolis?

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Now I don't understand why you're putting call out to me to explain Orion's backstory when I haven't actually seen this episode :D

As I have recently started going through the DCAU myself and listening to past episodes as a companion, in addition to the fact that I have more fond childhood memories of Gotham Knights this podcast is going to another level for me. Despite knowing the end the way you guys just sat and described the end of Apokolips Now just brought that chill to my stomach I get in that situation and I simply cannot wait to get to it on my own way through the DCAU.

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OK, there was one New BTAS episode where Clayface was poorly animated. That little mini-episode in Holiday Knights with Batgirl. I agree with Mike and James--that was a horrible episode, particularly one to relaunch the series on. The Clayface/Batgirl scene really was poorly animated. So there's the answer to James and Mike's question.

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Hey guys, haven't been around, so I will be listening to Episodes 30 and 31 al today(nothing else to do, its Sunday).

Anyway, too bad no emails. Have you guys been updating that wepage to add mail you haven't read? Last time I checked they're was only one piece of mail pertaining to the first Mala/Jax-Ur episode.

{Gotham Knights}

- "Never Fear: Pretty decent episode, the animation and story concept wa always interesting to me. Only a few things I had a problem with, but nothing to take away from the entertainment. For one, in the beginning when the mother realizes that the man swinging isn't Batman(ok for one he's how many pounds heavier)its when he crashes into some Neon Lights. Well if I were some overweight man with almost no strength, crashing into Lights would make me fall the 1st time, not the 2nd time. Also I do love love the new Scarecrow look, BUT he's supposed to be Scarecrow, why does he look like a dead Jonah Hex with a Nuse? What does the Wild West have to do with Scarecrow's? Still great look though. I to this day, say it in my head when I see that Aligator blood(where if its the first time, you may really think its his blood), "What time was this on, lol?" And my favorite thing about the episode is how serious insane Batman gets and the length Tim goes to to protect Batman from himself. Great. My score is 8 out of 10.

{Superman: The Animated Series}

-Warrior Queen: Ugh, no not this one, please. Like someone else said, the only thing good here is the Lobo scene. I won't get into details about this episode, but I really don't care about a woman's "I need a king on the throne" dilemma. Guys did you notice she's a redhead, very short tempered, hates men(as equals)and will only be with a man if they can beat her in a fair fight? Remind you of another comic book character.....RED SONJA!!! Yeah, I think Bruce Timm and Co, wanted to give a nod out to Robert E Howard. I liked the Red Sonja film more than this episode. My score 3 out of 10.

{Gotham Knights}

-Joker's Millions: "I don't wanna save it, I wanna go with it, *cries*" to Batgirl an Batman. One of my favorite Joker episodes. The Iceberg Lounger is an awesome animation setup and the new look of The Penguin is much better(the Danny DeVito look actually made The Penguin boring in all episode except the one where he sabotaged the Batmobile). The Fake Harley Joker almost picks does look like Paul Dini, lol. I wonder if he did the voice, I guess I'll look at the credits. 9 out of 10 is my raiting.

{Superman: The Animated Series}

-Apokolips...Now! Parts 1 and 2: OMG, here we are the episode that would define Superman one TRUE enemy(even over Lex in a way). The animation is superb, storyline great and I love how well Bruce Timm and Co tied up all the events leading up to this episode and brought it all together. We also get to witness one of the most shocking events to happen in any cartoon, the Death of a Major beloved character. This episode reminds the audience, its not always for kids. 10 out of 10 stars.

{Gotham Knights}

-Growing Pains: If I had to choose a favorite episode from Gotham Knights(after the team up episodes)I would choose this. The emotion and animation in this episode is excellent and sad. You feel for Robin, because he feels like he failed. Everytime he starts to attack Clayface(almost killing him)I get that rush I feel when Sonny Corleone is kicking his brother-in-laws ass for hitting his sister in The Godfather. The episode, again shows how adult these cartoons are. I like the animation on Clayface here, its like its hs version of getting too old. My rating is 10 out of 10 stars.

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Take a second to look at Highfather and Kalibak. They share many features, but Kalibak's become a misshapen monster because he was beaten, tortured and squashed under Darkseid's rule.

Now look at Darkseid and Orion. They too are very similar. The only real difference is Darkseid's grey / rocky skin. To see the perfect example of how closely they truly resemble one another, take a look at the extra material in the Kingdom Come trade paperback.

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