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Supergirl debuts ("Little Girl Lost"), the Killer Croc / Baby Doll relationship is creepy ("Love is a Croc"), a fiery redhead gives Superman a bit of trouble ("Where There's Smoke"), Firefly plans to destroy his ex-girlfriend and Gotham City ("Torch Song") and Superman dons a new (yet familiar) costume in his second meeting with Batman ("Knight Time"). All that, plus lots of e-mail! [ 2:13:08 || 60.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_031.mp3

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Pre-Episode Banter

-That's too bad Mike. I would have been really freaked out.


-Krypto was really kiddy; the only reason I liked it was the references.

-My personal least favorite S:TAS episode is 'Superman's Pal'.

-My favorite is Jordan, because he's the classic GL.

-I love these complaints against Metallo in 'Heavy Metal'.

-About 'Starcrossed', it's clear that the two cities are within a train ride of each other.

-Jeremy Sisto was great in 'The New Frontier'. I can't stand rabid Conroy fanboys.

-I definitely agree about 'Growing Pains'.

-I really can't for JL(U) either.

-Good for Dimitri, S:TAS needs more love.


Littler Girl Lost- It's okay. I would have preferred more focus on Supergirl, her fitting in and her relationship with Clark. I don't like that it was combined with the Darkseid plot.

-So yeah, I agree with Mike so far, it is pretty boring.

-Yeah, I actually agree about the animation. Actually I think part one looked excellent at the very beginning, but part two had great stuff with the fights with the Female Furies.

-Even if you choose to believe that 'Teen Titans' is in the DCAU, there's no possible way to prove it. At all.

-Yeah, Darkseid doesn't even do anything in this episode.

Love is a Croc- What a horrible episode. Baby Doll is horribly annoying, the animation is bad, and the new Croc is terrible.

-It's funny that you actually made the summary make sense, while both of you seem to dislike this one.

-I love your gripes with this episode.

-I never noticed the camera shots.

-Yeah, Croc really is really inconsistent.

-I'm pretty sure there was another reference to Bruce Timm's stance on DVDs in 'Joker's Millions' at the very beginning.

-Ahh, I hate the Mad Hatter redesign.

-You'd also have to say that the Penguin somehow transformed his hands into flippers.

-Mike, you're hilarious the way you're going on about Croc's transformation.

Where There's Smoke- I actually like this one. Not only does it tie into Cadmus, but Volcana is probably the best female Superman villain in the entire series. I also enjoy the animation a lot in this one.

-I have to agree with James on this one actually.

-Yeah, I agree that it's kind of filler, but not in this case, because she ties into Cadmus.

Torch Song- I don't like this one. I think they did a good job of making the guy a genuine creep, and I love the ending. I also think that Firefly has a great design, but everything else is just not good at all.

-Odd that we get two fire episodes in a row, especially given that Volcana and Firefly are paired up in JL in 'Only a Dream'.

-Wow, 'Married With Children', I don't believe it.

-Actually, the ice thing is supposedly impressive. Even though it can be easily melted, I read that it's actually scientifically impossible to burn through it.

-Ha, I never noticed that about Batgirl's injury.

-I actually know the Alex Ross painting you're talking about. Great great stuff.

Knight Time- Great stuff. Best one y'all are covering. Really funny and a great way to reunite Bats and Supes.

-Odd that we haven't gotten to Roxy Rocket in TNBA yet, but we're already covering 'Knight Time'.

-I think we needed some more Riddler appearances, so I liked it.

-I think his plan was simply to escape the planet.

-Yeah, TNBA Bruce Wayne rarely smiles, but your idea is a lot better.


Little Girl Lost- You: 4 and 6 / Me: 5

Love is a Croc- You: 3 and 4 / Me: 3

Where There's Smoke- You: 5 and 7 / Me: 8

Torch Song- You: 3 and 4 / Me: 4

Knight Time- You: 6 and 8 / Me: 8.5

Next episode is going to be great.

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Just to clarify my e-mail - the "Grrrr" after talking about Flash and Wonder Woman clotheslining Metallo was not about that scene, but about my Metallo issues in general. I really liked the clothesline scene - it seemed so Flash. I do have to say, though, that that fight would have been one time where I would have liked to see Metallo defeated by removing his power source - if the creators wanted to poke a little fun at themselves for using that tactic so much, they could have had Flash or GL very matter of factlypop up and take out the Kryptonite about 2 seconds into the fight, just to make fun of how often it happens.

The problem is, with Corbin's mind and mercenary experience in Metallo's body, he poses a real threat to Superman, and there aren't many villains that can do that - it just frustrates me that he always gets beaten the same way. Too many of the Metallo fights blend together, and I think it does him an injustice.

Oh, and I was saying this out loud while listening, so I have to post it - when James talked about the ways in which parademons were killed in "Destroyer", I immediately shouted out "AND RUN OVER WITH A SEDAN!" Heh. I just had to bring that up - I still laugh every time I see that scene. Even though he had no lines, you could still hear Question loud and clear there.


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My notes on The World's Finest Podcast:

Little Girl Lost--------

This is one of my favorite episodes along with Legacy and I didn't like what you said about it! This episode does not only further the DCAU, but it later on introduces one of the most badass characters, summed up in three words: GALA F@$%IN TEAA

Love is a Croc----------

Worst episode ever in my book.

Where There's Smoke-----------


Torch Song-------------

One of my favorite episodes ever in Gotham Knights. It sucks that the Iron Batman suit wasn't used again.

Bruce Timm and CO. made the firefly one of the best new characters on the show. In the comics, Firefly was a pyrotechnics supervisor with an engineering degree, but when the stunts got too dangerous in the movies, and he was fired(no pun intended).

Knight Time-----------------

Best use of Villains ever.

Bye Bye!

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Okay, well here's not such a great set of episodes, after some pretty decent episodes.

{Superman: The Animated Series}

-Little Girl Lost parts 1 and 2: Well its not my favorite. First the gripe I have is that not only is Supergirl not really given a proper intro, she is right off the bat thrust into a Darkseid plot! What were they thinking? Even Superman had to go through several episodes of clues before meeting him(hell we even meet Darkseid before Superman). I thought Granny was just one of those characters that basically shows the fear of what Grandmothers would do if they kep pinching you cheeks, lol. I did like how they brought back how Intergang was a team of Earthlings being run by villains of Apokolips. 5 out of 10. Because its a two-parter....

{Gotham Knights}

-Love Is A Croc: Baby Doll and Killer Croc......? That's the first thing, second when the hell did Baby Doll get out? Where was she placed? I did like the new Croc look, simply because he is part reptile, but having Killer Croc being domesticated was just stupid funny. 5 out of 10 stars on this.

{Superman: The Animated Series}

-Where There's Smoke? : Ugh, stupid episode, so stupid I didn't even remember the episode until I watched it(I've only seen this like twice). As much as I don't like this episode, Volcano is still a better villain than Firefly. 2 out of 10.

{Gotham Knights}

-Torch Song: Like I said in the previous episodes reviews, worse than Volcano. Firefly is one of those newly created DCAU villains and tankfully wasn't given its own episode again(n "Legends of the Dark Knight" he's just briefly delt with, same with the JL episode)

{Superman: The Anmated Series}

-Knight Time: Love this episode, however, Mike, James, you should have waited until after the Batman episode "The Ultimate Thrill" as this takes place AFTER that episode. Here we go though. Great episode, seeing Superman interact in Gotham as Batman, not to mention freaking Robin out when he sounds like him. Also we get not only get villains, The Penguin, The Mad Hatter(bad new design), Bane(love the new design), Roxxy Rocket(love this character) and The Riddler(horrible new design), but we get Brainiac. I love how the continuity with the show brings back how Brainiac laying dorment in Lex's computer transfers himeslf into Bruce Wayne's computer when they had that brief partnership and than goes after him. 9 out of 10

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What exactly is so bad about Hatter's design? He looks more reminiscent of the Sir John Tenniel illustration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and that's a good thing.

I don't know, it wasn't horrible, I just couldn't get into it. I mean we only get one full Hatter episodes and a couple of cameo Hatter episodes, so I guess I can deal with it. Roddy McDowell still kicks ass though.

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Just a couple thoughts - more my opinions than anything else, so I thought I'd post here rather than in an e-mail...

Little Girl Lost seems to fall into the same category as "Speed Demons" or a lot of the Joker episodes. They have a big guest star, and seem to think that that will carry the episode. I liked seeing Supergirl introduced, just like I was excited to see the Flash introduced and enjoyed Hamill as the Joker, but peel back that guest star excitement, and some of these stories were kind of blah.

As to the language, Superman has been portrayed as knowing many many languages, suggesting that his yellow sun mojo lets him learn languages quickly. Plus, in general, I'll quote the old Impulse comic - the beauty of super-speed is that you can learn anything by trial and error. So I'm OK with Kara speaking English, missing an occasional idiom - especially since we have no idea how much time passed between her discovery and when we see her in Smallville. A word or two of explanation would have been nice, but I can give them the benefit of the doubt. The problem I had was that she's written as a spunky, bored teenager who could have been raised on Earth.

Clark sometimes has issues with knowing that he came from a world that was destroyed, that he's the last survivor. He knows this intellectually. Kara lived through it. She saw her world crumble (literally) around her. She went to sleep with her family, and when she woke up, they had been dead for years. Plus, she's living in a completely different world, culture, level of technology. How did she adjust to this? I don't think any of this was even mentioned until "Far From Home" which was her last DCAU appearance. If the first episode had focused more on those sort of things like Mike suggested, I think this would have had a lot more impact, and they wouldn't have had to bring in Darkseid to up the emotional ante (I really like the idea of Granny by herself in this - Darkseid would be perfectly willing to play the plausibly deniability card, even to the point of torturing Granny as "punishment" for attacking Earth so that he could keep Highfather off-balance enough to prevent an actual resumption of hostilities.)

Love is A Croc, Knight Time, and Torch Song - I just don't have much to say.

Knight Time - this was just neat. Most of it is that I just love mixing up characters some - 2 of the funniest issues of "Impulse" were when the Riddler came to Manchester, and when Impulse went to Gotham and ended up teaming up with Batman against the Joker. (Impulse 50. I am not making this up.) Still, Mike, I can't believe that you're griping about Supes stopping Brainiac from leaving. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded like you were saying "Hey, Brainiac's running away from Earth. He'll leave Earth alone, and we won't have to deal with him, so just let him go." Now if this was Lobo: The Animated Series, and Brainiac had been running Czarnia (is that the planet name), maybe, but Superman doesn't think like that! (Granted, they could have given him a 5 minute head start, but Bats had clearly been hit on the head harder than usual when he suggested that in "Destroyer")

1) Brainiac is Kryptonian - Superman feels a special responsibility to deal with him.

2) Superman saw (in Stolen Memories) what it's like when Brainiac destroys other worlds. No way he's going to sit back and let that happen. After all, technically, he's already defending an alien world.

3) What's to keep Brainiac from coming back to Earth later? Of course, by that time, he wouldn't be made of Earth components - he'd be updated with alien tech and be that much harder to beat, so better to defeat him now while he's less formidable.

I don't know if the fact that Superman refused to let Brainiac go cost this episode a point or not - if so, few things to think about when you revisit scores.


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I got the unrated Return of The Joker, on I-Tunes, for 10 bucks. Expensive, yes, Worth it? Yes.

EDIT: I bought it on there, becuase I can have it on my I-Pod, and on disc. Also I have the rated disc (I got it in a three pack of movies), So I already have the special features, and I dont need the commentary.... for now.

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