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Which mutant enemies were better?  

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Okay. Here are my thoughts on this: Beebop and Rocksteady might have been bumbling twits, but at least they were amusing. Rahzar and Tokka couldn't talk (not as far as I can recall), and did... nothing. At least Beebop and Rocksteady made us laugh.

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Definitely Bebop and Rocksteady, and they should've been in the movie. Tokka and Rahzar shouldn't have existed. I remember watching TMNT 2, and marking out when Shredder decided to make his own mutants, thinking it'd be them, then seeing a wolf and a turtle and being like "what the fuck?". Total letdown.

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I'm not surprised this is a blow out so far. I mean, how can you compare a punk rock warthog, complete with mohawk and piercings, and a tough ass rhino in a leather jacket with the abominations in TMNT 2. PLus they wore clothes, that adds to the intimidation factor. Becasuse not only did wearing torn clothing say, "I know I'm going to kick your ass so I didn't want to mess up a pair of good clothing", it's like saying, "Hey if I wasn't wearing these pants, you'd have a big mutated cock in your face."

Tokka and Rahzar, what did they have, a fucking hub cap as a chest piece.

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Beebop and Rocksteady take this one in a cakewalk.  I loved those guys.  I HATED Tokka and Rahzar tried to single handedly ruin TMNT II for me (well... and Kevin Nash, he's fun to blame!).

No mention of Vanilla Ice...? <_<

Vanilla Ice fucking rocked! I love me some V-Ice.

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