Halloween II

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Rob Zombie has welched on on his "Not directing H2 for money" statement. He is now writing it as well as directing it.


God...he's so full of shit.

I just typed something vitriolic but deleted it for once. What a fucking liar and a hypocrite. I have an idea for the next episode of Dread Media. Later.

<walks away laughing maniacally>

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Erm Des, you dropped your wallet!



Well he's had his two calls now to see what he has in here......

Gift certificate for werewolf porn.

A card saying what the W, in D.W stands for(I'll be taking that!)

Rob Zombies home address and times when he will not be a home and stuff worth stealing(All it says is a hairdryer...)

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Right, so let m,e get this straigh.

I had Desmond "Mr Doomsday, dread media, call me Brenty and I'll kill you" Reddicks wallet and I stole a card with what the W in D.W stands for and all I had to do was ask!

The hairdryer, which is why it would be the perfect to kidnap to stop hom from making another half good, and half boring shit Halloween movie.

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Well here's some new news. Now its been confirmed that Tyler Mane is the only returning character, as he will once again wear the mask. I guess that earlier report about Scott Taylor Compton returining was a big rumor(although her and Malcolm McDowell signed on for 3 films).

Here is the official news


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From the description it will show everything through Laurie's eyes...ughh Does that mean its part 1 from a different angle(like Silent Night, Deadly Night 2)if they do that I will officially lose all respect for Rob Zombie

Des will introduce you to the rest of the club.

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Des will introduce you to the rest of the club.

How often are the meetings, lol

Every week. Here.

H2's official release date is August 28. Which means they've been in production for much longer than they've let on. They will likely begin filming this month at that schedule.

For all my Zombie-hating, I wish someon would have the nuts to square off in October and, you know, release a horror film theatrically on Halloween. Not to mention one named after the holiday...

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