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Ok, I went through the entire Sci Fi and horror thread and found nothing on this, why the hell not!

back when i was a kid and this was on BBC 2 on Fridays, or Thursdays they changed it around I was an avid fan of this show!

This show had it all surreal humour science fiction and was just all round funny.

I loved it, though the last season was not as great as the rest, the first was way too serious and the hsow really got into it's stride when it became a full comedy with the introduction of Kryten.

I'm just going to post the synopsis from Wikipedia

The main setting of the series is the mining spaceship Red Dwarf[1] which is 6 miles (10 km) long, 5 miles (8 km) tall, and 4 miles (6 km) wide.[2] In the first episode, an on-board radiation leak of cadmium II kills everyone except for low-ranking technician Dave Lister, who is in suspended animation at the time, and his pregnant cat, Frankenstein, who is safely sealed in the cargo hold.[3] Following the accident, the ship's computer Holly has to keep Lister in stasis until the background radiation dies down—a process that takes three million years.[3] Lister therefore emerges as the last human being in the universe—but not the only life form on-board the ship.[4] His former bunkmate and immediate superior Arnold Rimmer is resurrected by Holly as a hologram to keep Lister sane. At the same time, a creature known only as Cat is the last known surviving member of Felis sapiens, a race of humanoids that evolved in the ship's hold from Lister's cat, Frankenstein, and her kittens during the 3 million years that Lister was in stasis.[4]

The main dramatic thrust of the early series is Lister's desire to return home to Earth.[5] As their journey begins, the not-so-intrepid crew encounters such phenomena as time distortions, faster than light travel, mutant diseases and strange lifeforms that developed in the intervening millions of years.[5] During the second series, the group encounter the sanitation mechanoid Kryten, rescuing him from a long-since crashed vessel.[6] Initially, Kryten only appeared in one episode of series two, but by the beginning of series three he had become a regular character.[7] At the end of series five, Red Dwarf itself is stolen from the crew, forcing them to travel in the smaller Starbug craft for the subsequent two series, with the added side-effect that they lose contact with Holly.[8] In series seven, Rimmer departs the crew to take up the role of his alter-ego from a parallel universe, Ace Rimmer, whose name has become a long-standing legend and a legacy passed down from dimension to dimension. Shortly afterwards, the crew find a parallel version of themselves from a universe in which Kristine Kochanski, Lister's former girlfriend, was the person put into stasis and so became the last remaining human.[9] A complicated series of events leaves Kochanski stranded in "our" universe, and she is forced to join the crew.[9]

In the eighth series, Red Dwarf is reconstructed by the nanobots who had originally stolen it and had it broken down into its constituent atoms.[10] In the process, the entire crew of the ship — including a pre-accident Rimmer — are resurrected, but the Starbug crew find themselves sentenced to two years in the ship's brig on a set of convoluted charges.[10] The series ends with Red Dwarf being eaten away by a virus with the crew evacuated, save for Rimmer who is, in the cliffhanger ending, left stranded alone to face Death (and promptly knees him in the groin and flees).[11]

So let the Red Dwarf memory's flood back and remember this still awesome show.

If you never watched it, say why, and if you hated it say why, or fond memory's.

(Mike, if this thread already exists, could you post a link?)

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Red Dwarf is pure genius. The only reason I haven't covered it on ACTVFG is because the sets are too short.

Why not cover two seasons at a time then?

I'm only saying that as I really enjoyed your Quantum Leap review and I got season one after reading it, and would love to read some Dan-Dwarf love!


Six times in five minutes I've edited this bloody post!

Who's everyone favourite character? Mines has to be Rimmer, Chris Barrie played the perfect bastard you loved to hate.Rimmer1.jpg

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I am a fan of the show as well. I think I read something about them bringing it back.

Yeah four episodes have been commissioned, they are going to be specials which have old footage and new footage.

Yes I can't make any sense of that either, but still yay!


New 'Red Dwarf' Specials Announced

You better Believe it, Smeghead!

In celebration of it’s 21st birthday, the cast and crew of the popular British scifi comedy Red Dwarf will be coming back to put together four televised specials. They are being made for UKTV’s new free-to-air channel, Dave (interesting name). Series creator Doug Naylor will be taking the helm for the specials and they will go as follows:

Show One - The Making Of The Specials

A highly entertaining look at what goes on behind the scenes on a Red Dwarf production.

Show Two - Red Dwarf Special: Part One

The cast get back into character, and costume, a decade on...

Show Three - Red Dwarf Special: Part Two

The adventure continues...

Show Four - A Clip Show With a Serious Difference

The cast do it their way. Red Dwarf as you have never, ever seen it before!

The shows are currently planned to air sometime next year, and would mark the first time in 10 years since new Red Dwarf material has aired since the eight season in 1999 (unless you count the 1988 "lost" episode which aired in 2005). And if the newfound popularity of Doctor Who is any indicator, this could prove to be the rebirth of the franchise.

Red Dwarf debuted in 1989 and ran for a total of 52 episodes scattered over eight seasons on the BBC. It spawned an assortment of merchandise including the entire series available on DVD. Four oruiginal novels were also published. An Americanized version never got past the pilot stage in 1992 and a feature film version was written but never got funded.

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I'll believe it when I see it. With all the talk about a Red Dwarf movie over the last decade, my expectation is that it'll never happen. Plus, Series VIII was a bit shit. Nowhere near as bad as the American pilot, but still pretty unfunny.

Meh, Futurama was better. And less British-y.



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I recently discovered Red Dwarf, very funny show. Currently watching series 4 with my sister.

There's a story about how Patrick Stewart was flipping through channels until he saw what he thought was an infringement on Star Trek. He starting dialing his lawyer until he saw something that made him laugh.

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