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Who'd win?  

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I can decide. I'm inclined to say Freddy, but only because I enjoy the franchise more (which isn't saying much, 'cause some of those films S-U-C-K). If the fight takes place in reality, Jason will slice Freddy to bits. But Freddy takes it in the dream world. Until Yarrik sets up parameters, I can't vote.

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In the dream world, Freddy.

In the real world, it depends on Freddy's power level. In "Nightmare" 2 and 3, Freddy had the ability to use some of his powers (like telekinesis and pyrokinesis) in the "real world". In "Freddy vs. Jason", he was not that strong. (Indeed, it took him a while to be strong enough to kill in the dream world.)

My thought is that Freddy is a psychic being that resides on the astral plane, like the Shadow King of the X-Men books. Freddy is an empath who feeds on the fear of his victims to become more powerful. If he feeds on enough psychic energy, he can impact the real world.

If Freddy's at a point where he can do that, it's all over for Jason, in the dream (astral plane) or in the "real world".

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I'm going to assume this is taking place in the dream world, in which case Freddy is able to destroy Jason. However, since Jason seemingly can't die -- ever -- it's only a partial victory.

S-T: I don't think you overanalyzed it at all. You summed it up quite nicely.

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