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After an open casting call in Texas, Shyamalan discovered karate star Noah Ringer and offered him the part of Airbender's 12-year old hero, Aang, an Avatar with superpowers who must stop the Fire Nation from destroying the world. Twilight's Jackson Rathbone has been asked to play Aang's pal Sokka, while Nicola Peltz (Deck the Halls) will star as his sister Katara. Genial singer Jesse McCartney, meanwhile, is negotiating to play against type in the role of the Fire Nation's evil prince Zuko.

Paramount will release the big screen version of the Nickelodeon series on July 2, 2010.


Because of legal reasons, it will just be called The Last Airbender. There is already a movie coming out called Avatar.

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We don't know how he'll do. McCartney did a pretty decent job as Roxas' VA in Kingdom Hearts II, and everyone thought he'd suck horribly at it. Granted, 'm not optimistic, but I'm still willing to give him a chance.

'm just amused and slightly horrified that all of the characters, who at the very least have variation in their skin tones (if not ethnic backgrounds), are suddenly now all clearly white.

Then again, some part of me is just vaguely wondering if this is a joke.

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Will movie producers get shot on sight if they were to suggest that they keep cartoons as, you know, cartoons? Why does everything have to become live action? It never ends up well. See: Super Mario Bros movie.

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See, I just go into adaptations with extremely low expectations; that way, I'm surprised when good things actually happen. :P

The fact that people are upset about the ethnicity of the characters baffles me. It's not like it's historically accurate with the giant flying Bison and magic to begin with. It's a fantasy movie based on a cartoon. Nobody should care what color the characters are.

I'd just at least like to see basic resemblances to the characters, in terms of physical appearance. Some of the characters clearly look Asian-esque, or Inuit, etc, which was part of what drew me to the series when I watched it. Most fantasy settings are based on a European tradition, while this clearly took its influences from other cultures.

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I still fail to see how Shyamalan and company will condense an epic 3-season series into a 90-minute movie.

By keeping to the important highlights of the series. If they dedicate one movie to each season (as they're planning to), then they'll have plenty of time.

Example: Book I

Act 1:

0:00-Opening title sequence (adapted straight from the show)

5:00-Katara and Sokka rescue Aang from the ice

15:00-Zuko is introduced and attacks Aang

30:00-Aang, Sokka, and Katara leave the Southern Water tribe

Act 2:

32:00-The gang goes to the now-empty Southern Air Temple

34:00-Aang realizes that he truly is the last Airbender. Melancholy guilt ensues.

38:00-the nature of the Avatar--including the reincarnation cycle and the Avatar State--is explained, and the "Aang must master all four elements and defeat the Fire Lord" plot is established.

From there, they just have to throw in a flashback explaining Zuko's backstory and motivation, then have the whole "Helm's Deep on ice" battle at the Northern Water Tribe.

They'd have to cut a lot out, but almost all of the really important developments are spread extremely thinly over the season, so it shouldn't be hard to compress it all. As much as I love Avatar, I really do think that people overestimate its need for extreme length.

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You've ate up 40 minutes with just the first 3-4 episodes. I agree with James, there is no true way to condense this into a movie.

I'm saying that from there you just skip to the end of the season. The middle episodes aren't extremely important to the overall story; they mostly add side characters or add a tiny bit to the mythology that you could easily do in far less time.

Besides, I think that having an exact adaptation would be a mistake. What they need to do is strip away the unecessary plot points and basically reduce each movie to the first and last episodes of each season.

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To be fair, in all three seasons there are a good chunk of filler episodes. Out of twenty episodes in season one, I counted at least six that could be discarded. Other thing can be condensed down (The vision of Avatar Roku that warns about Sozin's Comet could happen at the Southern Air Temple for example) with pretty much the first three episodes and the last three being the only ones that have to happen bit for bit as they happen in the series. I will agree that it's hard to adapt something as sprawling as Avatar and I do not envy the person who has to shrink down seasons two and three because the only way to really cut down on season two is to eliminate Long Feng, which, quite frankly, takes a lot out of the story. Season three seems easier on the surface but even with the filler episodes exorcised, compressing Sozin's Comet down to about an hour of screen time is damn near impossible.

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