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I'll get one. I absolutely hated the day that I had to sell my old one, and I was waiting for a price cut so I could get another. I still have a couple PS2 games that I refused to sell and a bunch of old PS1 games I'd love to have nostalgia trips on again.

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I still have mine as well, but I may pick up another one because I think mine is starting to have problems with the laser and it's giving me disc read error (but I'm running it upside down now and it works perfectly fine for some reason). Man I look back and this system easily has the best library of any video game system ever, I have so many games and there's still a ton that I'm not into (lots of sports games and RPGs) and a ton I have yet to play.

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At work, I've had four PS2s in stock and cannot sell them for anything. As far as the games go, I have trouble selling them too. New titles may sell one or two copies, but I have about 50ish titles priced $15 and below and they do not sell at all. I really doubt this price drop will help at all.

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