What are some good comics


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Trade Paperbacks

Aztek: The Ultimate Man

Superman: Red Son

Batman: Year One

All Star Superman, volume one

Formerly Known As the Justice League

I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League

Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence

Legion of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution

Teen Titans, volume one: A Kid's Game

Teen Titans, volume two: Family Lost

Teen Titans, volume four: The Future is Now

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia


All Star Superman, volume two

Superman: Brainiac

Green Lantern: Secret Origin

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All Star Superman is awesome.

Get both Hardcovers.

The only problem is you will finish them within about an hour, both of them, they are that good.

Edit: Also if you don't mind Black and White. Showcase presents: Booster Gold.

It was written in the 80's and is really fun to read and has the entire run of Boosters original series.

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I don't follow DC superheroes that much but I do like Batman and I can recommend:

Dark Knight Returns

Year One

The Man who Laughs

and The Long Halloween

As for other DC superheroes I've heard good things about:

Geoff John's Green Lantern

Morrison's Superman

Morrison's Animal Man

Morrison's JLA

JLA vol. 7 Tower of Babel

Robinson's Starman


Giffen's Justice League International (JLI)

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