Can anybody recommend any good Batman or Superman


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Contagion, Cataclysm and especially No Man's Land are a MUST READ for anyone looking to get into Batman. It's the transition between old Gotham City and new Gotham City.

The Long Halloween isn't a must read, but I highly recommend it because it tells how Two-Face came to be. Very emotional and tragic story.

Tower of Babel is quite possibly the best JLA story ever.

Haunted Knight is very enjoyable, also.

Batman in Hong Kong is worth the buy if for nothing else than the artwork.

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For Superman, you want the late 80-s early 90's stuff. Everything since then is either rubbish, or mediocre bar the Elsewords.

Superman: Exile is a fantastic collection that's a lot of fun, very imaginative, and sets up the scene for many important Superman stories that happen throughout the next ten years from its release.

The Death/Without/Return trilogy is okay. Death Of Superman is almost essential, but World Without A Superman is mindless tosh. The return is suitably epic, and a huge collection.

The Doomsday Wars is an entertaining piece of mindless Superman violence containign his most dangerous foe. Worth reading.

Whatever you do, never ever ever read The Wedding And Beyond because it'll make you want to kill yourself.

My favourite Superman AND Batman book is an Elseworld: The Nail. A JLA adventure wondering what would happen if the Kents had never found Clerk's vessil after getting a nail puncture in their car wheel. Featuring a large cast of characters (THE JOOOOKKER!) great artwork and a great concept, it's my highest reccomendation.

As for solo Batman, the one that springs to my mind is The Cult. If you can get a hold of that you'll be reading the most twisted and downright dark Batman story I've ever read.

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Yeah, The Nail is really good, but more of a JLA book. DC just published a sequel, but I have yet to read it.

Make sure to grab the original Arkham Asylum graphic novel (not the recent miniseries, though I hear that was okay) by Grant Morrison. It's extremely dark. Possibly the darkest Batman story ever.

You might keep an eye out for Speeding Bullets. It's an Elseworlds (What If...?-style) story where baby Kal-El is found by Thomas and Martha Wayne, and so he becomes Batman with all of Superman's powers. Decent read.

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Hush: I am a Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb fan boy, so my view might be a little biased, but I thought this was a great story. There is also a little interaction between Supes and Bats as well.

Year One: Great "Origin" story. It's a little strange to see Batman struggle, but it is very entertaining. Also, while not Batman stories, Batgirl and Robin Year One are also very good stories. Batgirl's especially.

Dark Knight Returns and Dark Knight Strikes Again: Returns is better, but Strikes again also contains pretty much the whole Justice League. My main complaint about Strikes again is the fact that, at times, it reads like a Superman story, but a good one at that. People shit on it, but give it a try. Make sure you read Returns first though.

Also, Killing Joke, Death in the Family, and Knightfall are all pretty good as well.


Red Son: I commented to my wife while we were in Borders last night that I had read the story 5 times and have never gotten sick of it. A great twist on the legend of Superman. One of the greatest comics ever, not just Superman.

Godfall: Mind you, I haven't read the whole thing, but what I have read I have enjoyed.

Also, there was an issue of one of the Superman books in 2002, I believe, maybe 2003 that showed Superman flying around the world on New Years Eve to help a different person in every time zone. One issue, and not a knock down drag out fight in it, but this one issue reminded me why I loved Superman when I was a kid and still do to this day.

Or, just get into the Superman/Batman series and kill two birds with one stone.

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