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The IWC's favourite sons collide!

Situation: Mario is plumbing in Benoit's Atlanta home. Benoit calls him up on his shoddy work and Mario, tough bastard that he is, doesn't take kindly to it. Things esculate to the point that Mario challenges Benoit to a fight on his terms and the Crippler, being the kind of guy he is, accepts. Mario leads him to the nearest warp pipe in Atlanta to transport them to a wrestling ring in the mushroom kingdom.

Conditions: This is no holds barred in this match: Benoit has access to the usual wrestling weapons under the ring, whilst at ringside Mario has item blocks. Importantly though, he can't access the Invincibility star and there must be a clear cut decision from inside the ring. For this match, no interference either.

Enjoy! :D

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Benoit has jobbed to many opponents during the span of his 18 year career, whereas Mario has never jobbed over the course of his 23 years. Not once. Not even to Donkey Kong, Jr. (He let the baby have his pappy back.) So he isn't starting now.

Plus, consider this:

01. If Benoit thought it was hard strapping the Crossface across the big nose of HHH, wait until he attempts that on Mario. He won't be able to lock his hands.

02. He can forget the Sharpshooter too, because Mario's legs are too stumpy.

03. The flying headbutt won't work either, 'cause Mario has been taking Koopa shells to the head for ages now. A falling Canadian ain't shit to him.

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