Star Trek XII (or the new II)

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On building a brand new adventure or borrowing and tweaking more "Star Trek" canon for the highly anticipated "Star Trek" sequel:

Alex Kurtzman: Every franchise has a different need. So you have to look at them differently based on whatever kind of a mandate is there. But in the case of "Transformers" it was very important to us to have a sequel idea that stood on it's own. You need to have been able to not have seen the first movie to appreciate the second one. I think that for us it's always about going back to the sequels that we loved as kids and asking ourselves why we loved them. "Empire Strikes Back," "Superman 2," "Aliens," "Terminator 2," "Star Trek 2," what do all of those movies have in common? Well, they are amazing stories all on their own. You didn't have to see the first movie. There was some incredibly emotional test of character in all of those movies. Superman has to give up his powers for love. The Spock and Kirk relationship is being tested by Kahn. Ripley finding a daughter, essentially. All of those things are such big ideas in and of themselves. And you really can't tell those kinds of stories in movie #1, because movie #1 is very much about establishing a world.

On the things on their "Star Trek" wish list that didn't make it into the first film that might be revisited in the second:

Roberto Orci: You know, we had a few characters in early drafts. [Christine] Chapel maybe some of the friends in the Academy. But in terms of big concepts? No, nothing that was like "Oh, not going to be able to fit that in."

Kurtzman: Right. We kind of threw it all in the first one!

On the possibility of introducing concepts from the various "Star Trek" sequel series - like The Borg, for example - into the relaunched franchise:

Orci: I think we would think about it, because we do love "The Next Generation."

Do they have a priority or any particular element of those sequel series that they most would like to put into the movie?

Kurtzman: I think our instinct would be to first look at the original series before we would consider that, but all of that would be on the table for us, it is on the table.

On the possibility of doing "Star Trek 2" and "3" back-to-back:

Kurtzman: I think we tend to look at this as it's very, very important to us to make sure that each movie is good. It's not "Hey, let's do as many as possible." But rather "Let's make sure that they are good." I think that we feel like we've inherited this incredible honor, in this mantle of "Star Trek" and the most important thing is to make sure that we are protecting that first. So, if the studio wants more than one, then great, but our thinking is going to be very much about the story.

Orci: The story.

Kurtzman: Whether the story prescribes there will be more than one. Part of what is great about '"Star Trek"' is that it's a continuing adventure so you naturally think that there will be many, hopefully. But we only focus on what comes next and then build off of that. So, right now we are not thinking specifically about making two and three. It may come up but it's not where our heads are right now.

On adding an allegorical element to the plot of the second film including an Internet-rumored Guantanamo Bay metaphor:

Orci: The Gitmo thing was just a for instance. We're not doing a story that is going to be about Guantanamo Bay. Now that we've established the characters we can have a more philosophical allegory where what is happening in the future represents, like the best versions in the '60s did it represented women's rights, racial equality, and progressive issues. We're still just brainstorming internally and going to get together soon and bust our riffs out, see what happens, and start putting it together.

On whether the success of the first film will influence their storytelling decisions on the sequel:

Orci: I think it's the exact same pressure as the first one. Great, I'm glad we had a nice victory but now we have to do it again. Same amount of trepidation and reverence for "Trek."

Kurtzman: But the excitement of knowing that we have everything in place. Going into the first movie we had no idea of what the actors were even going to look like, so now knowing what the feeling was, and who is playing the parts, will definitely be helpful.

On the potential for adding pre-established "Star Trek" elements, such as Khan Noonian Singh into the sequel storyline:

Kurtzman: Where we are starting is "Okay, where are our characters now and what are interesting complications that we can put in their lives? What feels like an organic emotional place for them to get to? How do we want to test them?" Then you look at everything. You look everything and start asking "Who would be the best foe."

Orci: There are mental exercises we play with them in fact ,we even at one point had one conversation I think was all about the first movie. It could have ended on "…and then the Botany Bay floats by." You can't be fans of this and not sit around one night and go "What if we…?" So we've gone through probably whatever you've gone through in your minds.

Kurtzman: The short answer is that we haven't landed on anybody yet.

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It looks like Paramount Pictures has decided at least on a tentative release date for J. J. Abrams' anticipated Untitled Star Trek Sequel as it stakes claim to the coveted pre-4th of July weekend of June 29, 2012. At this time, it is the only movie scheduled for June that summer, and absolutely nothing is known of the sequel except that one expects most of the cast introduced in the first movie to return.

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J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel is finally moving ahead, with a January 15, 2012 start date planned. That's over four years since the start of production on the first film.

Trek Movie has that little tidbit of trivia, plus more on the status of Kirk and Spock 2.0 (Part 2).

Reportedly, pre-production has been going on for a few months now, using the so-called "extensive outline" of the story that the writers put together. But the site adds that a draft of the Star Trek 2 script has been completed and a third draft is in the works "to ensure the film fits into the budget [that] Paramount has set."

Abrams also visited Hawaii recently to scout locations for a "jungle planet." Additionally, a museum in Los Angeles will be used for what is being described as a "famous Star Trek location." The Botany Bay? The Klingon High Council?! Spock's gimp den?!!

Design work is mostly completed, construction has begun on new sets and ILM is already working on some effects shot. And finally, Trek Movie's sources tell them the film will be "bigger" in scope than its predecessor.

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Eh, I'd have rather it be Klingons. The problem here is that Khan is a great villain the second time he meets Kirk, not so much the first. Khan's twisted lust for revenge combined with the theme of Kirk and the crew growing old is what makes that film great. Take away those 20 years on Ceti Alpha V and Khan is just another megalomaniac trying for intergalactic domination. They're trading on the name but it's not quite the same thing, which makes it worthless.

That being said, how does anyone feel about Antonio Banderas for this instead of Del Toro? He looks the part at least.

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There was an arc in Enterprise that dealt with both with the augmented humans from Khan's forces as well as the Klingons. It's conceivable that they could have both enemies in the new movie as well.

Well sure if you want to be taking your queues from Enterprise.

It's not that I don't think you can fit both in, it's just that I don't think of Khan's people as a viable threat in and of themselves. Khan is what makes bringing them in worthwhile and they won't have the proper great embittered Khan here. I don't see the point unless they're already planning for 30 years down the line in anticipation of a Wrath of Khan remake.

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My guess is that Kahn will start out as a hero who'll have an Anakin-like fall from grace, leading to the big battle between Kirk and Kahn in the third movie. Kahn could also be the reason the Klingon / Federation war begins in this new universe.

That was exactly my guess as well.

They might accelerate it so as to put all that in one movie, but it makes sense to take cues from Khan's introduction in the TOS episode Space Seed, where he initially was just a guy that had revolutionary ideas and wouldn't stop questing for power. If you have Klingons in that same story, you could easily start a war. Maybe Khan decides he likes the Klingons, and joins them against the descendants of the humans who exiled him. Maybe he becomes humanity's new hero in the conflict against the Klingons, overshadowing Kirk.

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Or maybe it's a one-film deal and they're not banking the entire rest of the franchise on that kind of long-running story.

Besides, wouldn't Spock have something to say about the guy?

Nevermind, I'm reverting back to an open mind. I'd say I have faith in the writers but they also did the Transformers franchise so I've no idea what to think.

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Having heard and read a dozen different super-long interviews with the writers on both Trek and Transformers, I think it's safe to say that they definitely have the right idea here. Even with Transformers, they've (politely) hinted that it was really Michael Bay's movie, and their ideas didn't at all make it through in the manner they wanted, hence why they're now the showrunners on Transformers: Prime, and finally making the version they envisioned.

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Cumberbatch is all over the place these days. Going to be interesting to see who they're bringing in these talented people to play, the obviously have some very specific ideas about new characters. I mean last time the non-pre-established roles that needed name actors could be counted on one hand.

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They've denied that about 100 times, but no-one believes their denial.

To be honest, I hope it isn't Khan, I think it would ruin the reboot a bit. I know it would be alternate Khan and the story is that no matter what universe they are in, they are foes, but I wouldn't be surprised if Khan is in it, that he is good, not evil.

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