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-get my three mile run time down to 18 minutes

Getting there, running 3 miles in 20 minutes, 5 miles in 40-45 minutes

-hit 350 on the bench

hitting 250 on the bench press, kind of gave up on this, as I've been more focused on getting my six-pack back, plus haven't had much time to go to the gym.

-eat the craziest stuff i can find when i go to Asia later this year

huge fan of horse right now, haven't experienced much wierd food as I've only been in Okinawa. Weird food should hit off when I go to other Asian countries over the next 5 months

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The year's almost up. So let's see where we are. The letters in bold are where I was in July. The red ones are now:

- Read at least one book a month. Botched this one. Still nope.

- Lose at least 25 pounds by eating better and exercising. I've been going to the gym everyday for six weeks now. Not sure how much I've lost, but I have slimmed down and am toning up. This is a hard one to tell. When I get on the scale, it says I'm staying the same weight, but I'm fitting into smaller jeans. So I think the aerobic exercises are doing their job, but the weightlifting is making it seem like I'm not losing pounds. Either way, it takes a lot longer for me to get winded.

- Get back on a pescetarian diet. Not quite, but getting there. Closer.

- No more caffeine. It makes me too edgy. I've cut down how much I'm consuming. Closer.

- Take more chances. Yup. Yup.

- Be more outgoing. It's still hard, but I'm trying. Yup.

- This one will make Niki happy: Write more. Every time I think I have the time to write, something pops up. A brand new story idea hit me today, and I've decided to make a short story into something longer. Now I just have to do it.

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Mine are:

1. Write fiction, it's been over a year and a half since I last did anything.Two short sequences of fiction. One based on a fake trailer of the Matrix, and the other my 30 second apple skit for Youtube.And that is as far as my lazy ass went. Fuck.

2. Finish all my college work and pass it. (Some fucking how I did it.) Just got back from graduation. They spelled my name Austin. Bastards.

3. Get into a Uni to study a course I want.(Sort of, not counting my chickens till induction.) Sure, why not.

4. Write up where I see myself in five years.(Really should get round to that.) You lazy dick

5. Buy less shit.(Working on it.)Its harder than it looks.

6. Save more. (Ditto) Getting better. But still could do better.

7. Be less safe, I just seem to be plodding along, I need to take chances and do things.(Trying hereWell....that went nowhere.

8. Go somewhere I've never been before. (Ditto)I never did anything with it.

9. Try and lose around 10 pounds, probably won't work, but I would like it.(I think I've actually gained weight, so fuck)What? More weight? Fuck.

10. Actually work on fixing my shitty grammar, spelling errors, and all round poor comprehension of the written english language. (It's getting better.)Better than it was, though still could be improved.

Updated. Bar the actually gaining weight thing, I don't think it's too bad.

Updated. And well didn't seem like I've progressed much.

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Reposted from another thread:

-Drop to under 200 pounds (was at 271 in May, 230 before going home for holidays, 235 now) (Weighed in a couple days ago at 234. Current brokeness is limiting food intake so who knows where I'll finish at.)

-Lock down and nail the Ai-Kon interviews this year (3 of the 4 guests said yes, but we never got the time to record. I DID manage to get the Brina Palencia interview independent of that, and I might have another coming down the pipe.)

-Take an awesome vacation (Chicago, Wrigley Field, ACen, Meet Mike and Hannah. Only thing that was missing was a Blackhawks game)

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All right, I don't really do this but this is the plan.

1. Lose 20 pounds. Already lost 10 over the past few months by just doing karate so I'll continue with that.

2. Write more, a lot more. 5000 words a week.

3. Cut down on caffeine. I care for the well-being of my family too much to cut it out completely but down to one or two cups a day would be nice.

I have done all of these. Yay me.

Still losing weight, 50 pages in to my new novel.

One or two cups a day tops.

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I'll join everyone is wanting to lose weight. I'm currently at 240, having lost a few pounds over break oddly enough. However, I still need to lose a few pounds or just firm up what I have. Partial Success. I've stayed around the same weight BUT all of my pants are a bit more loose on me so I'm taking that as maybe having a little more muscle mass on me. Might not.

Other (and more important) resolutions include:

-Read most of the books I've accumulated in the previous months. I'm forcing myself this time with punishment if I don't.Success. Outside of some books I've bought since the year began, I've sorted through quite a few.

-Finish school. I need to do this. I can't afford to let the Spanish language continue to kick my ass. Failure. Maybe in the summer now.

-Get a better job. I love working at the bookstore but it also makes me miserable. That and a dead monkey could do a better job than our current Textbook Manager. Failure. I'm starting to come to terms with it.

-Drop a few comics. Right now I average about 60 bucks a month because I can't work up the drive to switch to trades for a few of the titles or just say, no, I don't want to get this comic anymore. To be fair, post Blackest Night, I'm not going to be reading any event comics for a while. I'm burnt out on events. I dropped a couple of books and haven't really picked any up. I think I'm down to fifty a month and refusing to get involved in any new events if I can help it.

-Write, for the love of god, write something not for game or class. Failure. I'm just... it's kinda getting aggravating.

-Drink less soda. I was doing good for awhile but when I have people over I buy beverages and I had about a month there where I bought a cube of Mountain Dew a week. Success. I mainly drink soda in social situations anymore. I am drinking it right now but that's because I have it left from last time I bought it and I'm saving half the cube for New Year's.

-Try and not be such a pushover. Make people do stuff for themselves for once. Success, I think. I'm at least better with detecting bullshit.

-Get a washer and dryer because I seem to be the only one of my roommates who hasn't promised to get one at one point or another and I need to do my laundry, bad. Success. I technically didn't get the washer and dryer but one of my roomies did so I'm counting it.

And for my resolution that I have no real hopes on:

-Get something good written and submit it out to either an indy comic publisher or work up the nerve to send it out bigger and get published. A boy can dream. Failure but I had no hope here to begin with.

Overall, doing much better than I thought. I succeeded in over half of what I wanted. The only problem is some of the failures were big ones. Oh well. 2010, you were a year. I'm neutral on what that means.

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