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I bet Artemis ends up being Cassie Sandsmark. They already said that Artemis is a previously-established character from the comics, but didn't specify who. Her origin, for the moment, is "intentionally vague".

You'd think she'd be Arrowette/Speedy, but her name hints at an Amazonian connection.

Also, the creators said that Superboy's gonna get a ton of development, and might actually be the breakout character from the show. His relationship with Cassie has been one of his defining character arcs, so her presence on the show would make sense.

My guess is that the showrunners knew there were legal troubles, so they deliberately kept her from being known as Wonder-Girl at first, but they'll switch her back later.

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Besides the cliffhanger, the preview didn't do anything for me. The animation is slick and the action was solid, but the voices didn't feel right (though that could be due to the poor audio quality of the video) and the storyline the trailer was selling was bland (that, I think, is because it was repetitive with the ice-themed villains).

Oh, was that Tobin Bell as Mr. Freeze?

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Looks cool. I liked the concept of seeing how each type of hero deals with a similar problem, and the mission they go on looks pretty awesome. I can't judge the voices on that clip, but it's clear that this is the most advanced animation style yet. Plus I did spot Wonder Woman in there, so it's not a complete Amazon-embargo.

I also like that it looks like they're going to slowly assemble the overall team, by the end of this first storyline we're still only going to have at most four members of Young Justice. I think it gives each character more time to be introduced, especially the later ones.

I'd be lying if the whole thing didn't put me in mind of the B&tB episode Sidekicks Assemble! They're even using the same sidekicks.

I really like that this is the DC cartoon with the fewest restrictions from on high. We get Batman, Superman, everyone who should be in there and they've managed to get away with reducing them to more minor roles. It's amazing.

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Man, the animation in there is practically astounding for a TV series.

I'll reserve judgment on the "story" in the teaser, seeing as how we didn't really see what the story was. All we got was an ice theme and a bunch of people saying "today's the day."

This looks like something worth being really excited over. A brand-new animated DC universe, with practically no restrictions and a deliberate focus on character development. It's like a dream come true.

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That was sarcasm, but, dammit, you're right.

I also find it funny how both of Bruce's mentors in that film (Ra's and Lucius) are played by actors that have also played God.

When did Liam Neeson play God? I know he played Zeus in Clash of the Titans and voiced Aslan (who is a metaphor for Jesus) in the Chronicles of Narnia films

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New interview about animated Green Lantern and Young Justice.

Interesting points:

-The show is going to "focus on realism"

-"It’s supposed to be a show about teenagers who happen to be superheroes."

-They picked Dick as Robin because it's still early in this version of the DCU, and he's only the first Robin to ever have existed. “Because they are the first, we had to do Dick Grayson as Robin. [Dick] was the original comic book sidekick, and it just felt wrong to have Tim Drake be Robin instead of Dick.”

-Dick is 13 years old. His young age is an issue that Batman explains in one of the early episodes.

-Artemis won't join the team 'til episode 6. She's Green Arrow's new sidekick, and her identity is a secret for now.

-Black Manta will appear

-Batman, Red Tornado, and Black Canary will be the primary mentors of the younger heroes.

-"The sky's the limit" as far as other DCU characters making appearances.

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