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K, for like the whole time I've been shaving, since thirteen, I've almost exclusively used an electric razor. I have incredibly sensitive skin. I have just now switched back to razors, since my electric broke and, let's face it, I need to be a man at some point.

The multi-bladed (Gilette, Schick) all seem to cut me a lot and really irritate the skin of my neck. So, I'm in the market for a double-edged safety razor as I'm told it gives the closest shave with least irritation as long as you use the feather foam brush.

Just curious how the other men folk around here get rid of their 5 o'clock shadows.

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I use the Gillette fusion razor/blades. It's easy to use and not a cunt(it doesn't cut me heavily, or be generally annoying.) However I'm probably going to go for an electric razor when I'm less broke all the time.

Also, Des, you should use the moisturiser stuff afterwards as that really helps with skin irritation.

I wouldn't call what I get 5 o'clock shadow, as much as I would call it, God fucking me over and leaving me with fat face or paedo beard.

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I have the most inconsistent facial hair in existence. Outside of my goatee, it may be a week or even a month before I have to shave again.

I use the Fusion razors too. I have the same problem with neck irritation though. My skin is already horrible and they don't help. I'm actually considering the opposite switch and going electric soon.

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Twin blade Asda razor (Walmart to you) with Asda's cheap shaving foam. Like Des I only made the regular switch recently (for basically the same reason, I needed to get used to doing it 'properly'), but after some initial discomfort I'm getting used to it. No massive irritation issues yet.

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I shave once a fortnight. I probably should shave weekly, because after two weeks the hair is so long that it makes cleaning the blades of my razor (regardless of the razor itself) an absolute bitch. Plus I kind of look like a hobo.

I also have really sensitive skin. But I don't know what else to do beyond using moisturiser and shaving cream designed for sensitive skin (which helps, but only to an extent).

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