The Humiliation Of Desmond Reddick


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Well for those that don't go into the sports thread, as per the result of the Chicago Blackhawks finishing off the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL Playoffs I will have control of Des' forum name, avatar, custom status and signature for all of June.

I'm looking for some fun ways to humiliate him for his false beliefs in Rochokeo Luongo and Da Swedish Wundertwins. Give me some ideas, and the best ones will be implemented.


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I'd go with a Dan Slott theme, personally.

Name - DanSlottRULZ

Avatar - Slott with a heart drawn around him.

Signature - A poem about how Dan Slott is ten times the writer Grant Morrison will ever be.

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Can't we use this opportunity to celebrate the masterpiece that was Countdown? Des spoke of it so warmly on those shows, lets use this to allow him to demonstrate his love for that incredible work that surpassed its predecessor in every imaginable way.

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A sample sig for Des.

My name is Desmond Reddick and there are a few things you should know about me.

1) I suck at making bets.

2) I really like Dan Slott. A lot. I often imagine what the perfect human being would look like and I've decided that it can only be Dan Slott. He is the zenith of humanity and he often makes me question my own sexuality.

3) I believe Jack Kirby was nothing more than a cigar chomping old man that drew blocky heads.

4) I think Grant Morrison is a hack.

5) Whenever I'm down, I just pop in my favorite Nickelback CD, and my day is instantly brightened.

6) I find Audition to be an example of poor film making.

7) If I could only ever read one comic series for the rest of my life, it would be Countdown.

8) My dream job is to become the writer of Crossed.

9) Sometimes I like to wear high heels.

10) I own every episode of Baywatch Nights on laserdisc and watch them regularly.

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I'd go with a Doug theme, personally.

Name - D0uGFTW:D

Avatar - Doug first bumping the screen.

Signature - A poem about how Doug is ten times the man he will ever be.;)

I'm really thinking that every (regular) forum member should get a spot light on Dread's account.

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I heartily endorse this thread as Des mocked my beloved team that I followed when I lived in Canada then forgot all about after moving home/the NHL Lockout, but still claim to be a fan of all the same, despite not bothering to check on wikipedia if I recognise anyone in the team.

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Des, pointing out right now who hasn't added anything to this so when you bring your wrath down upon us, some of us might be spared.

BTW, a quote to add to the sig, and this is paraphrasing something Des really said on one of the UStream convos, "If I have sex with a guy, I want one I can just throw down on the bed."

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