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Who will die?  

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Johnny is dying. I'm calling it.

Ben and Reed have both died before, and Ben is an Avenger.

Killing the most capable member of the team, Sue, would be hugely stupid, and severely damage Franklin and Valeria, because Reed is shitty father.

Johnny is the most disposable and the most easily resurrected. (I.E. "My body was transmuted into heat energy and I was pulled back together by Galactus/Skrulls/Doom/Hyper-Christ, whatever.")

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I was going to guess at Reed being the person to die and Namor stepping in agin to replace him, think it would be interesting with him as the leader and also acting as a father figure to the kids maybe and seeing them alter slightly for a possible Reed return in the future. But with the Illuminati returning im unsure as to it being him now

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