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My favorite part is that people are surprised. Robb and Cat had been the biggest idiots on the show for a couple of seasons. Idiots die badly in this mythology. At least Robb married a Lannister Bannerwoman in the books, not just some hot foreign girl, who served no political purpose.

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Taking a moment to think on it, last week's episode with the red wedding felt like the real season finale and this week was more like the wrap up from it/let's see where everyone is coming out of season 3 and going onto season 4. Also, its nice that some of the people are actually remembering, "oh yeah, there's that wall thing."

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All hail Davos Seaworth, the only decent man left in Westeros.


He's screwed.

And honestly, for splitting the source material in two, this was a relatively good point to leave the season at. You kinda had to wind down after last week, and then just start to get things ready to spring for the shitstorm that will be S4.

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