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So, just got back from the film and my review, in the most unspoilery way possible is, see it. Just see it when it comes out. This might overtake The Great Muppet Caper as my favorite Muppet movie of all time. I'll have to see it a second time to be certain. But yeah, it feels like a Muppet movie and while there is a slight focus on Jason Seigal and Amy Adams, it never once feels out of place in the film. Also, Chris Cooper is just fucking awesome at Tex Richman, the villain of the picture. Really, this is the definition of an all-ages film because anyone can watch it and enjoy it. If you cannot enjoy The Muppets, than you are, in fact, some kind of machine. If one thing comes out of this movie that would make me happy, it would be a revival of The Muppet Show because it could so happen if the film does as good as it did at the preview screening.

Also, my one spoiler but not really,

they might have snuck in a song that can be taken as being about masturbation. Just wait for the Amy Adams/Miss Piggy duet.

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