Freddy Krueger vs Aliens



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Freddy Krueger


Powers: Reality warping inside the dream world, possession, immortality, outside of the dream world he's shown pyrokinesis.

Voted: Class flirt

Equivalent Smiley: 674662.gif




Powers: Metallo-silicate exoskelton, low pH blood, increased speed and strength, predatory or greater intelligence, lots of slime.

Voted: Least likely to hear you scream.

Equivalent Smiley: icon_xeno.gif

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Xenomorphs will will rape your face and after a painful gestation period, erupt out of your chest. If you think it's safe to sleep when aliens are loose ask Ripley that question in Alien 3.

Freddy would have you painfully transmogrify into an insect so that you could be stamped on. Whilst the Xenomorphs are the embodiment of fear, Freddy finds out your personal fear, taunts you with it and then kills you.

I'm not saying the Xenomorphs don't deserve to progress, but I don't think they beat Freddy.

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