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I like how we're eight generations into gaming and people are still pretending that things like head starts matter.

Maybe six months from now they can talk about how "powerful" it is while they're at it.

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The 360 only survived because they launched early with a shitty lineup of rushed games?


They had a year with no competition, so yes. When the PS3 launched, the 360 was into their second generation of games already. If it went head to head with the PS3 from the start, the red ring problem would have killed it.

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... or they wouldn't have had the ring problem, since, you know, they wouldn't have rushed the console out to shelves. And it's not like the PS3 launch was stellar either.

The Saturn had six months on the Playstation and it didn't mean a thing.

I can repeat myself until my fingers go numb but history has shown that the only thing that truly matters in a console's life cycle is software. If the system has games that people want to play, they will buy the system. It's really no more complicated than that.

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There is one distinguishing factor, though. The people who were buying 360s in 2005-2006 suddenly had Xbox Live accounts. Xbox Live is kind of like a black hole; it keeps the people who are paying for it playing it, and all their friends need to buy 360s or they can't play with their friends. Hell, the reason I bought a 360 before a PS3 was that all my other friends had 360s, and the PSN wasn't all that great until, what, '08?

But regardless of whether that was actually a real factor, it's a known fact that Microsoft rushed the 360 in order to have a perceived headstart. Might not've actually helped them in the long run, but Microsoft did base their decision to release in '05 on it.

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Online integration just stems from people having games that they want to play and having access to them. 360 worked because consumers would go "I want to play this game online". Wii was a success because the consumer would go "I want to play this game that makes me waggle around the living room". All variations on the same idea, really.

And there is no doubt that they thought a head start would mean something. I'm not denying that at all. They wanted people to forget about the original XBox as soon as possible and get their tech out there first. They believed it would matter more than anyone else. It's just that it didn't.

360 launched in Nov 2005. They've sold 57 million worldwide.

PS3 launched a YEAR later. They've sold 55 million.

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A rumored leaked document has appeared online. It seems to be from last year at the latest, and if real there is some serious stuff coming. One thing that makes me think it's real is that some of it has already happened. Smart Glass seems to be there under a different name. The next Xbox will come with Kinect version 2.0 which will support 4 players at a time. It will have a Blu-Ray player. After that they will introduce some kind of augmented reality glasses called Fortaleza(a city near Natal Brazil).

This patent shows that they are indeed working on some kind of glasses/helmet.

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The latest rumors:

They are announcing it on May 21st.

It's coming out in November.

It will cost $500, or $300 with a subscription.

It will be "always online" and you will have to be connected to the internet to use.

They are not killing the 360, and there will be a $99 version of it.

I loved the 360, but I'm out of the console market now. I can't do "always online". My ISP sucks too bad, and randomly doesn't work. The threat of no used games is also a deal breaker.

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I will only buy that system if Harmonix puts out a next-gen Rock Band game out for it. Otherwise, fuck that noise.

A good friend of Wendee's works for Harmonix here in Boston, and I guess they had a "closing out" party for Rock Band a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like they're done.

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Current rumor I'm hearing is that the new X-Box is going to break into your house and stab your dog.

Well, they say it's going to do that, but to get the most from it, you have to download the 3 patches, and even then, they say it's just showing what the X-Box can do one day, in the breaking into your home stabbing your dog world, we won't see it in practice till at least 3 years into the consoles life cycle.

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And let's face that, by that time we'll have all forgotten about the Stabbing Your Dog function because Nintendo has announced that the WiiU can now rape your cat, the PS4 has a half-assed peripheral that can sort of do it but only if the cat is covered in glowing balls first, and the Microsoft is promising that with this new peripheral, it will revolutionize the field of feline forceful penetration.

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