Episode 77


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"Planet of Fire" and "The Caves of Androzani" bring Peter Davison's era to an end with "the best story of the 48 year history of <i>Doctor Who</i>," a truly emotional performance, and a stunning regeneration. Before Davison leaves, however, we also say goodbye to Turlough and Kamelion, and hello to Peri. [ 2:15:28 || 65.1 MB ]

<b>To listen, click here:</b> http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_077.mp3

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I thought you guys were a little hard on (lol) Nicola Bryant. She's the same as Colin Baker in that her character and acting were hampered by questionable production decisions and dubious scripts. But at the same time I do see what you mean in that some would find Peri a bit hard to swallow (oh my).

Then again, I think I'd use the same defense on Jackie Lane and Bonnie Langford, but with slight adjustments.

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See, based SOLELY on Planet of Fire, which is the story in question, Nicola Bryant's performance was all kinds of not very good. Does she get better? Yes. But in that story, it was an amateurish performance of a WHOLLY Unlikable character.

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I'm just getting around to the episode now since the internet in this campus is terrible but before I keep on to it I have to say to Dan. I normally start my Christmas Shopping before Thanksgiving... Canadian Thanksgiving. Although I have started late because of my film acting college course taking up much of my time, I often start shopping in late Sept. to Early Oct. to get the jump on every body else. This does not always work however as the closer it gets to Christmas I find myself buying more gifts I can't afford simply because I love the holiday and also the fact that in the last few years other shoppers have been going earlier and earlier themselves. Oh well. I try to enjoy it all but could see your frustration.


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Have not heard the podcast yet but I am watching this one at the moment. What is going on with Turloughs shorts??? Micro isn't the word. Surely this wasn't even cool in the 80s. And he sees Peri drowning but still stops to take them off before diving into the water. As he is on the commentary I will certainly be listening to this one. My guess is that the Doctor and Peri have to mention this.

But great to see 70s legend Peter Wyngarde back on the TV. He would have made a great Dr Who if he had been offerred the role just after doing Jason King.

As for Peri's acting. Terrible. But as the focus of just about every shot was on the chest and not on her acting it isn't really Nicola Bryant's fault.

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