Episode 81


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The 22nd season of Doctor Who comes to a close as The Doctor prevents a mutant from committing genocide ("Timelash"), and then he steps in as Davros attempts to turn humans into the new Dalek race ("Revelation of the Daleks"). From there the guys discuss the mini-episode "A Fix with Sontarans," the 18-month hiatus, and, sigh, "Doctor in Distress." Also, Peri does something useful, and Dan has an epic rant. [ 1:48:50 || 52.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_081.mp3

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I'm surprised you guys didn't mention the "I'll take you to--" that ended Revelation of the Daleks. I imagine that some would be kept awake at night because they'd devote so much of their time and energy in attempting to find out just what fun place the Doctor and Peri would be going.

And as bad as Vena was, I thought Tasambeker was worse.

And the DJ's real crime? A cover version of Good Vibrations.

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Glad you enjoyed Paul Darrow. As we have discussed on Shake and Blake he has a very theatrical style of acting which translates as a complete inability to sit on a chair naturally and we love him for it. However, his performance in Timelash makes his acting in Blake's 7 look like understated method.

Yeah, if you like Darrow as Dekker, you'll love him as Avon in Blake's 7. EVERYONE WATCH BLAKE'S 7. NOW!!!

Shilling aside, I love the fact that Paul Darrow features in the mainpage banner directly beneath the current BOTI banner. I also love the fact that this is the second podcast on my iPod that will play "Doctor in Distress" in full! As revenge, may I please treat you to the video version - you'll be relieved to note that not a penny of charity money went on it whatsoever!


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HUGE props to Mike for editing this. I had a VICIOUS cough while we recorded this.

I feel bad mentioning this now but just for the people who wanted BOTI to be swear free I thought I should mention around 58 mins in Dan says "that's like a fuckin' cartoon" and it went unbleeped juuuust before his bleepfest about the DJ.


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The talk of Big Finishes in this episode made me think of the Colin story 'Davros', which in terms of placement for the Doctor comes between Resurrection and Revelation. It goes into a lot of the back story of Davros, and also on a side-note sort of explains how he survived the gunge-death in Resurrection and why in Revelation Davros seems more of a businessman than a crazy scientist. It's also a really good story.

Other Big Finish audios I think are particularly awesome are:

Fifth Doctor - Singularity, The Kingmaker, Circular Time, Son of the Dragon

Sixth Doctor - Arrangements for War, The Reaping, The Condemned

Seventh Doctor - Master, The Harvest, LIVE 34, Red

Eighth Doctor - Terror Firma (another Davros story), Memory Lane, Absolution

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Ah you see the power of Avon can make anything almost watchable :D

It did surprise me that the dalek one got more beeps than timelash, in fact i do wonder whether Alexi Sayle has managed to coax out more swears than any other doctors season combined. It's about the only good thing i can say about his appearance in this.

oh and on the blakes7 theme what doctor in distress needed was a bit of cosplay travis in a huge sombrero shaking some maraccas. Now you may ask what tenuous reason could i come up with to link the 2, well, i shall just leave that to Ian Levine.

and thinking of Ian Levine, the loch ness monster thing highly amuses me :D

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