Teen Titans to return to full episodes next year

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And honestly, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths Is in DCAU continuity

no it's not

For all intents and purposes, it is. It bridges the gap between JL and JLU, perfectly.

Yeah, got to agree with Preston. The introduction of Wonder Woman's jet, increasing the ranks, and it supposedly being in development for years, as a mini movie in between JL and JLU.

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Okay but Bruce Timm and co. went out of their way too remove and direct connections to the DCAU and didnt get and DCAU voice actors to try to set it apart as much as possible.

It only has those connections because an early draft of the film was intended to bridge the gap between JL and JLU.

Also I don't know I don't know why there's any controversy since there are direct contradictions like Hal Jordon. It's fine if you want to believe that similar events happened between the two shows, but this movie is not in continuity.

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But then why did Batman and Wonder Woman not know who he was when he showed up in Once and Future Thing. Also like I said Bruce Timm reworked the Co2E script from the Worlds Collide script to remove any direct references to the TV series' continuity. Can you really argue with Bruce Timm?

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