Episode 545


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Come, marvel at the open wound that is my psyche and let me know if it just me on the Elephantmen thing.

That would presume that I would use my rare dip into comic books to read Elephantmen. I'm good, thanks.

The name-dropping is flattering by the way!

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Great episode as always, gents, but I'm afraid I can't comment intelligently on the Elephantmen thing, having not read the series (or been much encouraged to do so by your review).


Aaron and I recorded our review of Order of the Phoenix the other week, Ian, and you were name-dropped in it at one point.

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Not sure why I keep name dropping Ian, I think it's some sort of subconscious vendetta.

For an example of the weirdness of Elephantmen, here's the typical human woman/elephantman relationship.


There are many more examples of this, almost all significantly less tame/SFW. I think it's super-creepy material that sorta references bestiality but in a way that make you look like a dick if you suggest that.

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Regular listener, first time poster. Thank you for covering Nikolai Dante. Its my favourite series to the point I post a series of articles on it on a 2000ad fansite. Its such an epic series and it builds its supporting cast so well that it can tear you apart inside when terrible sad things begin to happen to them. My personal favourite supporting character (who was introduced in the first trade at least) Is LuLu Romanov.

Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!

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Andreas was always a favourite as well. It was kinda neat how out of all the assholes in the romanovs there was at least one who was almost exactly like Nikolai himself. Its so hard to talk about some things without spoiling the wonderful story. Arkady while being a nasty little berk had one of the better storyarcs going from a bitter young guy who was pissed at Dante for taking something which belonged to him to the man he eventually became.

Viktor is impossible to talk about hes the other Romanov who had a hell of a journey during the series.

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It might be hard. I didn't realise this until recently but Rebellion seems to be following Marvel's policy of not going to second runs. I can understand why as they need to keep a close eye on their budgeting but it does mean that the first Nikolai Dante graphic novels (ie the ones most people will want to read right now) are out of print. I think there's some pressure on them to get them back into print. Depending on how well the Simon & Schuster runs do, there might be a US printing.

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Courtship of Jena Markarov (the third trade) in perticular is so important to the series yet so hard to get it I've seen it go for about 80 pounds uk sometimes on ebay. Despite owning the original comics for the series of Articles I mentioned in my first post I went and bought up the trades I was missing. If I recall it was Sword of the tsar onwards and getting some of those was a pain in the uk so god knows how America would fare.

About those series of Articles. I am quite proud of them as both Simon Fraser and former editor David bishop has helped and encouraged me to go onwards with it. I made a link today on my blog to all of them so far (I've gotten to the end of the third trade) I would like to warn that if you do read them there are story spoilers all over the place due to the nature of them.


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