Dark Knight Returns


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Just watched this. I enjoyed it, but I felt it was lacking some of the spirit of the comics. The Legends of the Dark Knight episode of The New Batman Adventures spoiled me; I know that they're never going to straight up adapt Miller's art style to animation, but some of the raw nature has been lost with how smooth the style was.

Other than that, I thought it was fine. The VA was fine, other than some wonky moments with Gordon and Bruce at the beginning but they improved as it went along.

Last thing, the fight with the mutants and the "Operating Table" line was disappointing. The last one was due to the lack of thunder.

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I thought both these part combined were pretty great. There were a few problems here and there and a few things they should have left out from the comic but overall I thought both parts were very well done. I had a few more complaints I might go into later but for now I'll just leave it at that.

Also Michael Emerson does a very twisted Joker, a little bit more subtile than Hamill's take.

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