2013 Oscars


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The nominees are in. Here's the full list.

Lots of surprises. Beasts of the Southern Wild got a lot of love. Supporting actor seems a little boring, was really pulling for some love for Javier Bardem or Matthew McConaughey there. Oh, and Jacki Weaver getting a nod for Silver Lingings is awesome. Her role is so underappreciated in the film. She's not winning but still.

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There's where we disagree. I wanted to do a list of Tarantinmo films in my Django review but we ran pretty long. Here goes:

1. Jackie Brown - I need to rewatch this to be fair.

2. Reservoir Dogs - Young raw energy beats out wisdom and developed craft so far.

3. Django Unchained

4. Inglourious Basterds

5. Kill Bill vol. 1

6. Pulp Fiction

7. Kill Bill vol. 2

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My QT continuum falls out something like this:

Reservoir Dogs

Jackie Brown

Inglourious Basterds

Django Unchained

Kill Bill vol 2

Kill Bill vol 1

Pulp Fiction

And I wasn't aware of Jackie Brown, mainly because I was nine when it originally came out, but odds are it got pretty badly snubbed, yeah.

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I can't speak of As Good as It Gets or LA Confidential, but having seen the other Best Picture nominations of that year, yes, Jackie Brown was robbed mightily.

As Good as it Gets is good for what it is, but a best picture it is not. LA Confidential is the only one I see belonging on that list, personally. But it doesn't hold a candle to JB.

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Will, I have to say, The Whole Bloody Affair isn't even a movie yet, if ever. Are you counting KB 1&2 as one long film? As far as I know, The Whole Bloody Affair is supposed to be a re-edit of the two movies together leaving out a lot of the fat. They would be two very different things.

I didn't even remember to include Death Proof in my list, which betrays how lowly I think of it, but also that it doesn't piss me off like Pulp Fiction does.

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Death Proof is the only Tarantino film that I find absolutely, appallingly, utterly, totally and completely boring. Even Vanessa Ferlito's lap dance couldn't save it. I actually hit the fast forward button on the remote a few times, something I have never done for any Tarantino film before or since.

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I just finished Django. It has flaws as any QT movie does, but it is filled with some of the best acting I've ever seen. Almost everyone in it pulls the best performance of their career, except Samuel L. Jackson. He's just playing the same character he always does but in old makeup. I will never doubt Jamie Foxx in anything again. Christoph Waltz is amazing. DiCaprio continues to show he's the best actor of my generation. Walton Goggins was great as usual. I didn't even mind Jonah Hill in his cameo.

I wish the script had a little more to it. There wasn't as much dialog as you would expect from a QT movie, and what there was came from people other than the protagonist.

I get the feeling it's going to get snubbed at the Oscars though.

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