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  1. Child's Play: I've never actually seen Child's Play. You can see the seeds of what would make Chuckie a long-lasting character but it just never clicked for me. Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth: Oh good, I was wondering when this series would fall into "Slasher with a little bit of S&M." Kill Your Friends: Maybe it's because it got billed as horror but the film is pretty bad and a good soundtrack never makes up for it. Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th: Amazingly, despite coming out the same year as Scary Movie and primarily making fun of the same two movies, they don't retread any jokes. I laughed about three times. That's the most I can compliment it for. Uncanny Annie: This is the second time I've watched on of Hulu and Blumhouse's Into The Dark films and the second time I've been pretty disappointed. They took what could have been a pretty interesting concept (Horror Jumanji) and wasted it. There is some elements that work but they're far and few between. Films: 117 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 4 Repeats: 5
  2. Wouldn't it be wild if they were doing a remake of Batman The Movie?
  3. Nightmare 2 is an odd bag. Some great pieces have been written about it and a few other of the more Queer-Coded horror films of the 80s. A double feature of Nightmare 2 and The Lost Boys would be wonderful someday. The Slumber Party Massacre: It's an 80s slasher. I knew it's reputation and history and it lived up to the hype. Also, surprisingly low on the gore. The girl cutting the killer's power drill off with a machete is totally some phallic imagery and bravo for it! All The Boys Love Mandy Lane: I'd heard about it but never saw it and knew next to nothing. It's low on scares but interesting enough. It took a bit for me to get into the film but I enjoyed it. Oh, and the ending. I'm taken back to another film with a similar twist and how it chicken shitted out at the last second. Bravo for sticking the landing! Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowl-o-rama: Look, with a title like that, you could never expect something high concept. That said, it is heavily camp and I kinda love it. The Brotherhood 4: The Complex: If I was going to watch a DeCoteou film that has boobs, I might as well watch one of his that's borderline softcore gay porn. That's what I got. It's pretty bad. The Conjuring: I hadn't seen it since a showing at the drive-in a few years back. It holds up extremely well. Murder Party: It was okay, nothing special. Films: 112 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 4 Repeats: 5
  4. Head Count: Netflix suggested it highly. I watch too many bad movies which has messed up Netflix's algorithm for me. Films: 106 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 4 Repeats: 5
  5. You know, if Mike hadn't already given a post of the day today...
  6. You Might Be The Killer: I was legitimately surprised by how much I liked this one. A parody of horror films in general, it plays with a lot of the tropes while never feeling like it's winking it's eye at us. I need to rewatch The Final Girls to figure out which one I enjoy more. The Love Witch: I have no clue how I feel about this movie. Films: 105 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 4 Repeats: 5
  7. Hobgoblins: One of my MST3K episodes because the movie is so meh and dumb and the riffs just keep working. Hellbound: Hellraiser 2: Simultaneously better and worse than the original. Honestly, it works as a counter to the original, going full in on the cosmic horror elements but it also fails because it leans so heavily into the Cenobite stuff. There are also a few too many flashbacks to the first film. It's a weird paradox. I would be interested in visiting the parallel universe where Julia became the villain of future films in the series instead of Pinhead. Let's Be Evil: It's a first person horror film that never really works at any point and the big twist is just pointless. So much of the film is pointless. Films: 103 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 4 Repeats: 5
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time: It's Yu-Gi-Oh. It's an excuse for all the protagonists to team-up in a duel that has like no rules whatsoever. It's okay, nothing special. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: It's a lot more focused than the original... up until it becomes an excuse to make a bunch of CGI monsters. It had some good moments though and is likely to be a good horror movie for the preteens. Hellraiser: Always good, always interesting, definitely a good way to kick-off Halloween Month! Films: 101 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Repeats: 5
  9. Most of the sources say Kingdom Come Superman.
  10. Ashley Scott who played Huntress in the 1 Season Birds of Prey series is reprising the role for Crisis.
  11. Drop Dead Gorgeous: Definitely an underrated film with a mostly female cast. More than a few young actresses before they became big. A Simple Favor: Was not expecting to love this one as much as I did. A smart, darkly humorous thriller and well acted all around. Most Likely To Murder: I like Adam Pally and Rachel Bloom. I was hoping for something better than this. It was an alright comedy but a little too mean-spirited at times. The Goonies: It's a childhood favorite. It mostly holds up. Films: 98 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Repeats: 5
  12. I have not been keeping up. I know there are movies that I'm forgetting. Manos: The Hands of Fate: One of my favorite MST3k Episodes. Needed something while folding laundry. Castle in the Sky: Is it Miyasaki;s best film? No but that doesn't change that it's a fun film and one of his most accessible. Jupiter Ascending: Is it good? No but there's enough going for it that I can appreciate. It's visually interesting, it's just when plot happens that it starts... yeah... Moulin Rouge: It's not bad but the massive moments of tonal shift can be disorienting. Scream 2 (x2): For The Show. Films: 94 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Repeats: 5
  13. And now we got Erica Durance as Lois.