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  1. Reefer Madness: The Musical version. Somehow, this is more poignant today. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Because sometimes you need something absurd in this world. Rent: There aren't that many musicals streaming online so... well... I don't always make good choices. Films: 87 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Repeats: 3
  2. Paris is Burning: I watched a lot of Drag Race in the last week and I felt the need to go back to the source. Interesting as fuck documentary about The New York Ballroom Scene in the 80s. Even without taking into account of how much it and the scene influenced gay culture, it's even more interesting how much it has slowly permeated into mainstream culture (the fact that shade is a common term now when it had to be explained in the feature). Films: 84 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Repeats: 3
  3. I am absolutely loving HoX and PoX. I'm a person who very rarely cares about art in comics unless when it's really bad. This is a case where I noticed it consistently. Silva is doing phenomenal work! Case in point: facial expressions. We have a character like Nimrod, a freaking robot, and he looks absolutely giddy in the art work at one point and it made me laugh, even if it was more than a little horrifying since he's a freaking Sentinel. Writing wise, yeah, it's a lot of set-up but then, this is Hickman. Hell, I fully expect this to still somehow tie into his Fantastic Four run just because Hickman is the only person other than Claremont that I feel would pull such an insane stunt.
  4. Ralph Breaks The Internet: I didn't hate it. I didn't love it either. The amount of product promotion kind of started to get to me. Batman: Hush: I try not to be that guy who says, "They changed it and now it sucks" but some of the changes they made to the adaptation were kind of, well, bad. It didn't help that Hush isn't exactly a great story to begin with. Us: Not quite as strong as Get Out but still pretty interesting. Lupita Nyong'o deserves a Best Actress nomination. Films: 84 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Repeats: 3
  5. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods: I've seen most of the Dragon Ball movies. This might be the one that felt most like a movie and less like an extra long episode/extra short story arc of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F: This... was good but was back to the kind of formula of feeling like an extra long episode/extra short story arc of Dragon Ball. The Phantom of the Opera: Honestly, I was drunk and wanted to watch a musical. It's okay but has some real problems. Films: 81 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Repeats: 3
  6. Batman Vs TMNT: My friends hadn't seen it and I figured I should watch it sober. Half thinking next year, I should keep track of how many movies I watch drunk. Spider-Man: Far From Home: Like a lot of Marvel films since Guardians did so well, there's a little too much comedy in the film but there are so many parts that I love regardless of that. Jake Gyllenhaal is very charming for the entire film and is very great. Films: 78 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Repeats: 3
  7. Netflix is picking up Sandman. Allan Heinberg is showrunning with Neil Gaiman.
  8. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, V For Vendetta, The Dressmaker
  9. It's definitely an award bait film but considering the leads, I can't blame them at all. Ian McKellan still hasn't won an Oscar and deserves one and Helen Mirren could always use another one.
  10. Scream: I have a better TV and wanted to watch one of my favorite movies on it. Ocean's 8: Was having something of a girl's night and this was the movie of choice and I'm not going to turn that down. Films: 77 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Repeats: 2
  11. Holy crap, didn't realize that was Bee from The Babysitter! I fucking want this movie even more!
  12. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: Superman tells the nations of the world, "No more bombs" and then there are no more bombs. Superman uses the roofie kiss, burns Lois Lane's roast, and dates two women at once. True, Superman III Superman does more dickish things but those are under the influence. This is much more hardcore Superman is a Dick territory to me. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: The 70s animated version. Voice acting is hammy, the animation is choppy, yet it will always hit a nostalgia cord for me! Showgirls: My annual viewing. Watched it with friends this year so good for me. Films: 77 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2
  13. X-Men was my first fandom so yeah, count me in!
  14. Always Be My Maybe: Cute little movie. It's nice to see more films starring POC, especially when they can still be more than a "We could have cast a white actor but we cast a POC actor instead without changing any of the writing" affair. Good work. Also, I have more respect of Keanu Reeves and how he has handled his career and I will say nothing more. Set It Up: I have a ton more respect for Executive Assistants than I already had and I had quite a bit. Also, I like Pete Davidson a bit more now. Take Me Home Tonight: Your movie is called Take Me Home Tonight. You had one job: feature the song. You couldn't even do that! Oh, and the movie is alright but nothing special. Honestly, Anna Farris is pretty good in it but it's super awkward watching her and Chris Pratt break up in the movie when you know they were about two or three years from it happening in real life. Films: 74 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2