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I think the correct answer is "they're not thinking." But yeah, this is definitely connected to Battleship. They figure Battleship getting sunk (hehe) means that G.I. Joe will suffer the same fate unless they pull back and relaunch it when there are literally no other movies in theaters whatsoever.

It couldn't possibly have just been that Battleship was a movie no one wanted to see, right? - _ -

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A more comprehensive reason that the film got delayed. In short, you remember my jokes about people accidentally going to see Magic Mike instead because it also had Channing Tatum in it? Turns out I was a little bit more correct than I thought. That and test audiences were disappointed about how under-developed the relationship between The Rock and Tatum's characters was.
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I just realized how genius the move was to this month. It has no competition all the way until May. The only thing that could take it out is Evil Dead, but either way it's going to make a lot of money sitting in theaters until Iron Man 3 comes out.

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I just saw it. Holy hell, it was badass. Pretty much exactly what you get in the trailers: well-choreographed action and very light on character/plot.

Technically spoiler-free thoughts below, but they're tagged anyway in case you want to go in COMPLETELY blind.

-There's some bizarre editing in the middle. Jinx's intro looks like it was chopped up into pieces; her first scene is really awkward and she isn't set up terribly well. Considering how amazingly well certain parts of the movie are edited (the epic mountain ninja fight, for instance), this really seems to smack of Hasbro or Paramount interference.

-Storm Shadow's developments in this movie were really unexpected, but totally welcome. I'm really glad I rewatched the ninja flashback scenes from the first movie before seeing Retaliation or I might have been a little lost.




-Flint has pretty much zero character development. At all. He's just "there" for the entire time, doing pretty much nothing. It's really weird.

Everyone needs to go see this movie. I might go see it again on Friday so I can see it with a full audience (I was one of three people in the theater tonight, so there was a distint lack-of-reaction to everything).

Oh, last note: I saw it in 3D, and it was pretty decent. I don't think I'd recommend seeing it instead of 2D or anything, but if all the 2D showings are sold out, don't worry about the 3D making it worse; it really doesn't.

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Nah, I think he was saying it looked shitty.

As persuasive as I always find the "everyone must see this movie" argument, I consider that I'm a 27 year old British man who did not grow up on GI Joe, know nothing about the characters involved and did not watch the first live action film adaptation from a few years ago. The rave reviews of someone I generally disagree with on a regular basis, coupled with my very meagre finances, mean that I'm unlikely to see this on the big screen, although I'm not opposed to renting it in the future.

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