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  1. I loved Alfred as Batman in the The Batman episode where Penguin kidnaps Bruce. I guess I haven't really seen that much DC stuff outside of that and Batman: TAS, and I don't really remember any specific moments from that.
  2. Ok, I'm done with what seems to be the first "season" (through Episode 23). Review in Spoiler tags cuz I'm nice. My opinion is that it's good, but I doubt it'll have that much impact for me. Something along the lines of Vandread for me. Except the humor in Vandread is much better, but its a more lighthearted show. Just how big is the royal family anyways?
  3. Seriously. The only appearance that I know of where she appeared in an X-Men show was on one of the Mojoworld episodes from the original 1990's series. She played a pretty big role in the Dark Phoenix Saga of that series as well. She was also in the God awful pilot "Pryde of the X-Men." Anyway, it's probably Kitty and an animation error. I hate how Rogue looks so different from the rest. The others look like a team, and then there's Rogue. EDIT: Heh. Beat me to it.
  4. I have gotten the fansub on your reccomendation. On episode 4 now. Everytime I think I have the series figured out, it throws me a curveball. That's a very good thing. It's kind of a mix between Preacher and Various Gundam series.
  5. Awesome. How often do you see a Rico Suave reference?
  6. I don't think the Cell saga is bad. Some of it is a lot of fun, there are some great moments, and Gohan's rise to power would have made a nice end to the series. Everybody's got a different threshhold for suspension of disbelief, I guess.
  7. I don't hate DBGT. It's very well animated and has some badass fighting sequences (the fight between Gohan and Vegeta rules). Who cares if its not canon and if the story is convoluted? It's an action cartoon. Still...even the Cell saga was unnecessary. It doesn't resolve anything it didn't start. It's already clear Vegeta's had a change of heart, otherwise why didn't he just waste Krillin on Namek (he could have other motivation for leaving Gohan around). Gohan doesn't really need to be cemented as the most powerful person on the planet (just at that point, he kind of is by default), and Japanese fans rejected it and basically forced the return of Goku, anyway. Goku presumably dies an honorable death at Namek (and shouldn't have been able to come back anyway). The whole thing is just a big mess. Storywise, it should have ended after the original series exhausted Journey to the West. After that, stuff just goes crazy.
  8. I'm probably nowhere near "good" with any of these things. It's just what I use(d) against my friends. God, I haven't played a Virtua Fighter game in forever. I should see if I can dig up a copy of 3tb. Really don't want to buy a PS2/3 right now. Anyways: Most any SF game: Ryu or Akuma. Soul Calibur: Mitsurugi or Siegfried/Nightmare (since they're the same). Mitsurugi's fun because ring outs are really easy. I used to drive my rommate crazy with Mitsurugi (he was a Cervantes guy). Mortal Kombat: Sub-Zero would be my sentimental favorite. I mean, seriously, a ninja who freezes people? That's awesome. I was pretty good with Kano too. I loved that rolling air attack he had. KoF: Ooh, it's been awhile, but probably Iori/Yuri/Takuma if we're rolling 3 deep. If it's just 1 on 1, then probably Iori. I can get real defensive with Iori, and usually save him for last in the 3 on 3. Last Blade: In 2 it's Setsuna mostly for his AWESOME fatalities (well, they're not technically fatalities I guess, but pretty much), in the first, it varies, I never really got good with anyone. MvC 2: Cable/Cable/Cable if available. I'm cheap as fuck. If not. Sabretooth/Gambit/Cable. They all 3 play very differently and each one can fill a niche. Not many combinations give me matchup problems. Smash Brothers: Ness basically because everybody was better than me, and PK Thunder is an equalizer.
  9. Aww, probably better this way though. I only hope that there's some conclusion given to Venom then, but probably not. One thing bothers me about the NBC scenes though (spoilers follow, stop reading if you don't want them): Why didn't Peter's Spidey Sense work when Harry jumped him?
  10. J Marv

    PS3 news

    I believe it's in Step 4 of the checkout procedure (Review Order and Payment).
  11. Watch now, site gets taken down tomorrow night. There are most definitely maybe spoilers involved. My reaction:
  12. J Marv

    PS3 news

    Apparently, you can get $60 off a PS3 at K-mart's website. Enter this code: 004687478018 Basically a free game or extended warranty.
  13. I use 1440x900. No idea what the most common one is, but 1920x1080 is probably the maximum most people use right now on a single display.
  14. This one looks awesome, Yoda. Too bad I can't use it. (Widescreen)
  15. J Marv

    Windows Vista

    Word. I HATE this crap. It's not terribly new though. I had to deal with it back in Windows 2000 because I didn't like the 3 million admin tools running in the background, so I tried to stick with a power user account for daily use. Eventually I gave up just because of annoying shit like that. There HAS to be a workaround though. Even its a registry hack or a path modifier. Probably will just be an added option in the control panel come SP1, at least I hope.
  16. Did someone like, lose half your stuff during your move?
  17. Maybe we should get around to that whole anime tournament...
  18. Ah good, there's a PC version. I was thinking, this looks really cool, except it'd be damn near impossible to digest without a proper mouse and keyboard setup. Glad there will be a GfW version. Also, I love the pinup theme they've got going.
  19. The pic isn't there anymore. <---Sad panda. Why, why, why do they keeping doing this whole casting thing right (big stars who are also excellent actors)? It's not fair dammit, I want to be pessimistic about this movie!
  20. Playing with Porn Hilarious. Especially some of the editing: "It's Triple X vs. First Graders." little girl: "This is my eighth time." At least the mother, though a bit naive about a lot of things, is actually, you know, PARENTING her children.
  21. And he got an awesome new costume. (though...uh, I would never put it on) On the Hulkling thing, wasn't he in LA? (edit: apparently not, Wiki says Young Avengers/Runaways ended prior to CW#3)
  22. You Don't Know Jack! The classic game series is back! Granted, these are only Dis or Dat flash games, but they're still awesome. I miss these games a lot.
  23. What the hell are they gonna do exactly? The average PS3 game needs to sell a minimum of 500,000 copies to recoup development costs. There aren't even that many console units shipped worldwide. Meaning, it's impossible to make money on the PS3 as software developer right now, even with a killer app. No 3rd party developer will keep its titles PS3 exclusive until Sony ships enough consoles for them to make money. It's simple economics. Now, the real question is, will they get these exclusives back once they do have enough units in the market? Or can the XBox 360, or maybe even GfW steal them away or make everything multi-platform?