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  1. George Lucas has probably done more for independent filmmaking than anybody else. And he's right, somebody will pick it up. It's fucking Star Wars. If not, he can just start his own damned network.
  2. I, like the PA guys have come to the conclusion that SDF is a joke. The funny thing about the graphics being "compressed" on the 360 being fixed on the PS3? That "problem" would only be exacerbated on the PS3 because it has less system memory and can't handle as large texture file sizes as the 360, BD or not.
  3. I don't think the spoiler tags are working. Or at least they weren't working in the Smallville thread. I don't really care about Smallville, so I'm not upset or anything, just giving a heads up. I actually luff this new skin though. And E2 Lo-Fi (I'm on 56k at the moment)! Although I really wish IPB Lo-Fi allowed posting.
  4. Yay! Crain's doing something other than Spider-Man and Ghost Rider!
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    Ha. Thor is doing exactly what he's pissed off about Tony doing (fighting old friends), and causing further damage to New Orleans in the process. Awesome.
  6. Thinking further about the matter, I wouldn't be surprised if the Skrull aren't behind World War Hulk. The Illuminati didn't intend to blow up Sakaar.
  7. This a very different question from "Would you pay for a podcast?" The answer to this question is no. There are way too many variables for this to be even close to yes. I'm not saying that all don't, but Joe Average with a mic doesn't.
  8. For three episodes a week, I could see $10 a month actually (with maybe a $1 an episode option). BUT, they would need to remain ad-free and be of very high production quatlity. They would also have to offer things that weren't easily available for free elsewhere.
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    Ultimates 3

    The Ultimates is basically the Ultimate universe's version of the Avengers. It's also a fantastic book. Read it.
  10. Not really WAY too young. He's about 30. I just don't see him as the perfect human though. When Jude Law was rumored, I thought he was a perfect fit, and he's only 35. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up about Law though. There are budgetary concerns and this film does require a large cast. Has it occurred to anybody else that they might cast different people for the flashback scenes? Obviously they have to for the first generation of Watchmen, but even the second go from their 20's to middle age, and some change significantly (Nite Owl probably the most).
  11. I like the juxtaposition here. Oh, and the Feds probably have some questions for you and Dread.
  12. I just finished "Promise of the Witch-King" and "Road of the Patriarch," both by R.A Salvatore. I love Salvatore. It's the literary equivalent of an action movie. His battle descriptions are wonderful. I don't know how I felt about the end of the Sellsword trilogy, because I liked Entreri. Hopefully there's some more interaction with Drizzt for him in the future. Currently reading Robert Graves' "I, Claudius." It started out slow but is picking up. But I love Ancient Rome, so my tolerance for long-windedness here is exceedingly high.
  13. Stark could be a Skrull, I guess. Might help explain why they printed that Illuminati story about the Skrull ship. But his actions in the Civil War were thought out and decided beforehand and presented to the Illuminati. Strange and Xavier should have been able to tell, though. From the preview, it looks like they want to make us think it could be Wolverine. Xavier would be interesting. After all, he disappeared after House of M, then randomly showed up for Storm's wedding. But then there's WWH to consider. Have we actually seen Cap's dead body?
  14. Yes it is. It's not practical, as the electric motors that small aren't very powerful (well, powerful isn't the right word, useful for the application might be better). There are also monowheels which use motorcycle powerplants within a large outer wheel. It's also a shitload of unsprung weight. And unsprung weight is bad for cornering performance. Such a system would have minimal drivetrain losses, though. Anyway, if you're going to ripoff Akira with the in-wheel motors, you really ought to make the bike look significantly more badass than that. That thing looks like the bastard child of a Dodge Tomahawk and the Imperial Speeders from Return of the Jedi.
  15. Ugh. I'm not wild about the Joker's car. Wasn't the whole point of "rebooting" the franchise to help give it a more modern feel? If so, why go right back to the pseudo-30's look? I like the suit though.
  16. Yeah, there was a "Download of the Day" segment, but the back of my mind is screaming that it was on Call for Help, not The Screen Savers. It's wrong though, Wiki says it's "Download of the Day." All the show notes, like ever, are probably still around somewhere. What era of the show would this be in? EDIT: Also this from Sarah's Wiki page:
  17. I'd post 1 second. But then somebody would come and post 2 seconds. And I have no way of sniping the release. So...3hrs even. I'll split AJR and Jack.
  18. Thundercats? Really? This 80's nostalgia is starting to go way too far.
  19. Source I can't wait...for Yoda's review! :angel: I'm pretty sure he's contractually obligated to play it at this point.
  20. I believe that Kasady (if he could talk) would believe the Hulk got off easy, as it were. :devil:
  21. List of people not considered but probably should be as they're all more powerful than Thor: Onslaught Apocalypse Thanos Galactus Proteus The answer is either Galactus or Proteus. I believe Galactus is the current canonical answer, which is probably true as Proteus is fairly minor despite his relatives. Both can exist in pure energy states and therefore cannot be destroyed. There's also the whole Beyonder mess. Anyway, it's kind of silly to debate this in this setting. You can talk potential all you want but it doesn't mean a damned thing. Wanda Maximoff has a much higher power potential than Wolverine but she lacks control over her abilities and to a certain extent, ambition. Logan on the other hand, has used the adamantium and his possible centuries of experience to become an immensely capable warrior, although on the surface a healing factor and heightened senses don't seem like much.
  22. Semi-Serious. A crime on teh Internetz, I know. Balrog - Mike Tyson. Seriously, who the fuck else should play him? Mike should be able to do it. Blanka - Gabriel Gonzaga. He's Blanka, he doesn't need to act, just fight. Cammy - Billie Piper. Decent actress. Hot. Chun Li - Ziyi Zhang. Looks the part and is a martial artist. Also Chinese. Dhalsim - Sendhil Ramamurthy. He's Indian. It's a start. Guile - Lucas Black. He could play a military guy, I think. Honda - Akebono. Yeah, he's Hawaiian. I don't care. Dude's name is Edmond, don't tell me he's all Japanese. Ken - James Franco. Basically Harry without the angst. Ryu - Edison Chen. Sagat - Tony Jaa. They could shoot it to make him look taller, right? Vega - Eduardo Noriega. I have no idea who he is, but apparently he's a leading Spanish actor with a pretty face. Zangief - Sylvester Terkay. He's a wrestler. He looks kind of like Zangief. M. Bison - Mickey Rourke. So yeah. My casting sucks, and I put way too much time into the last 3 roles.
  23. I thought the movie was ok. Not a complete waste of time, but the weakest of the trilogy I think. I don't understand the hate for Dunst, though. Neither her or Peter were supposed to be sympathetic, like, at all. They both fucked up their relationship. She's not some fantastic actress or anything but she's serviceable and it's not like she was uber-awesome in the first two. The dance scene in the streets was kind of funny, maybe unnecessary but not out of place. After all, Connors had said earlier that the symbiote amplified the traits of the host, and Peter is incredibly nerdy. Venom...sigh. I don't mind them changing Eddie Brock, but he really didn't get enough character development to make me think he wanted to pray for Peter's death. Maybe if they had a couple of scenes where Eddie was trying to prove himself to his father (like, introducing him to Gwen, showing his pictures in the Bugle) and then maybe getting thrown out after he lost his job. Venom didn't suck, I just didn't care. Harry. Man, it was going so well. I wish, that just maybe, he would have figured out the father thing on his own. Or, at the very least had rejected his father of his own volition, regardless of whether or not he forgave Peter. Sandman was actually really good. I even liked the ending. Gwen Stacy, used kind of as a prop. She or Mary Jane better eat it at Kasady's hands if they continue this thing. (On a side note, when Gwen and Peter first sit down in the Jazz restaurant, is that Willem Dafoe behind them? I thought it looked like him, but when they cut back to that camera shot, it was like a couple.) JJJ and Miss Brant saved the movie. And the little girl with the camera. Not a classic by any means, but I was smiling at the end. That's probably the biggest compliment I can pay the film. EDIT: I just saw this: Do you honestly think she doesn't know? Hell, she should have known from day one when his room was covered in Spiderwebs. Aunt May knows. She also knows he can't tell her.
  24. New Spidey cartoon? Sweet. Who's the director for Ant-Man? (Err..Nevermind, it's Edgar Wright. Though they don't even have the script finalized enough to cast yet, apparently.)