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  1. The Flash is kinda weird about sex.
  2. You're talking about issue 25 being $10, right?
  3. During my rewatch last year, I was struck by how much Melinda Dillon makes that movie.
  4. There's some very Spider-Man stuff in there, but I'm not digging Tom Holland's line delivery.
  5. "Hey, guys...what if Supergirl smoked a lot of weed?"
  6. My thoughts after catching up on the last few episodes: it's gotten better, but not substantially. I think what it comes to for me is the show is running into a wall because of being a network show. Too many cast members and too many episodes that need villains, while trying to top the first season's main villain and coming up increasingly short. The villains minor and major are just terrible this season. And while they've done some great emotional work the past couple seasons, the emotion is feeling artificial in season 3. We've talked about the repeated "I'll go have a talk with" stuff, but the resolution (for now) of Caitlin going evil was so fake, like everyone being cool with Barry after he told them about Flashpoint. And Tom Cavanagh, who was one of the best parts of the show, is just wasted now. They have been doing a lot better by Cisco and Caitlin this season, and it's cool that Wally's finally a speedster, but I'm wondering if the show has much new to offer.
  7. Now produced by and starring....Jessica Chastain.
  8. Director Rick Famuyiwa has left The Flash.
  9. Bryan Fuller has stepped away from showrunning.
  10. How can you say they're playing it safe when there's incest?
  11. Congratulations on another pair of milestones, Mike.