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  1. really the only other podcasts i listen to are mail order zombie, and obscure 80's poddcast
  2. WEel i expected taht it would suck, but ads a fan of the series, i just really don't know. I think they already posted trailers somewhere if i am not mistaken .
  3. really she told us to prepare for it to be due whenever she wanted it to be. She told us yesturday, and I had gotten everything, but when i helped my coach before turning it in she said that it didn;t count, because she had a 4:00pm deadline. Again this is high school, and she said it was due all through the day
  4. my bitch teacher didn't let me tur something in late, evne though i had a legit reason. I mgiht end up failing her class
  5. thanks guys that mens alot. Most of my friends forgot, but not the important ones
  6. coolguy

    We got quoted~!

    dude this is so awesome. Now i am going to go and buy the trade
  7. lame. That has usally been a staple of my saterday night veiwing schedule
  8. after a full summer of training i just beat two juniors at swimming, and i they have been racing for years.
  9. dude i think that fi done well then this can return the series to a scary place. The only real probelm i would see with this is that it might be PG-13. This may be geared more towards teens, and most cant go if it is R. But that might also be a good thing, because too much violence never makes a good horror movie.
  10. coolguy

    X-Men Evolution

    Most of the stories were alright, but then agian i was like 9 or 8 when they were showing them, i think, so i am not htat reliable of a source. Last i checked they were still pretty good.
  11. old girlfriend trying to get back together with me after she dumped me. She has all of her friend trying to get me to talk to her again, and they are annoying me
  12. I am more of a Friday the Thirtenth guy. It is the first horror movie that i saw when i was four, and it scared the shit out of me.
  13. thank, that made me feel a lot better
  14. my favorite part in the whole dcau is when bruce takes barbara into the batcave and alfred says," Miss Gordon, I see you have discovered our little secret. Yes i admit it, I am Batman"
  15. coolguy

    2008 Olympics

    i watch the olympics, but all i really care about is men's basketball, an dswimming cuz i am a swimmer and i like basketball
  16. dude some girl wouldn't go out with me because she said i was a nerd, and then she started to talk with a dickhead from my class, then they all looked over at me and laughed
  17. dude you are right, this game was really bad, and i think this is what made me dislike wrestiling
  18. The Joker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 69% Dr. Doom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59% Mr. Freeze -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 57% Magneto -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 55% Dark Phoenix -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 55% Riddler -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
  19. cool thanks, because now i really want to play that game
  20. you probrobly are right, but still i would wat ot see the movie.
  21. you probrobly are right, but still will reserve my judgement until the movie comes out. THe oly other thing i have to say is that when they were on the bridge the monster when toward the people who were at the party, so i still think that the monster was going for the partygoers
  22. but everywhere that rob went the monster was there. Yes it was a movie on them, so the monster had to follow them, but when they were in the helicopter the monster only went after the coper that Rob was in, and tey could have jsut shown the monster not die, and keep moving, just not going after them, and the movie would have sorta been the same, but they would have lived.